Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to crack the Cosmos code

The Cosmos connect is a philosophy and to know the methodology behind it is a first step.  "Knowing that all cosmic theorists work with guides and knowing that the guide may be gone sometimes only," I decided to myself, "It would be neigh impossible that all my whereabouts would be  known to my guide, after all he ain't god or is he." I quietly strode into the room knowing my question would be answered and I wasn't disappointed, as it turned out, he had to know about all my movements because thats how got to a place safe and sound.  The cosmos is a friend and has our best interest at our heart.

So if the guide comes back, how do we handle the time when the guide isn't around, I do it by writing, when I have nothing to do, I prefer to write.  "Has he gone away too often," I was asked one day, "Well, he must have taken up other projects when he went missing for 5 months," I said, knowing that I went into hiding for 3 months before that because I had started building horror stories for others.  When he did return, it would seem to me, it was because the noises grew louder and the trial criss crossed again, "That must be it if you want to believe me," I am a cosmic theorist today and very proud of the way I have handled the projects that have come my way.

"What are horror stories," he asked one day, "do you begin to make stories of death or do you make stories of mistakes that others will commit," I was dumbfounded for  a second before I gained my normal aplomb and said, "I must have been mad those days." 

What it takes to crack the cosmos code is to not believe everything you see, and to take everything with a pinch of salt. "Critical analysis, ahem," I must have wondered when the answer was given to me, "Yes," was the reply, even my most humorous of all queries are answered by the Cosmos, it takes me very seriously these days.  The one important thing that has changed from the past is that I take my work very seriously.  I never write when I am lonely, I write because I am with friends.  Reading books come easy these days, the tough part is being serious when I am told to be.  Even the slightest mistakes have an impact on life and it's hard to realise that it is me who is being told because I am at the helm of affairs.  The buckets full of tears, I am told, "These tears are in lieu of water preservation or conservation," they never should be taken seriously all these answers that are non cosmic in nature.  If we ever work on water preservation and conservation, we would know that water is a precious quantity and cannot be added to the "If people were transformers list."  That's how you conserve and preserve water.

Long ago, from days where the stories are yet untold, I was told of a lonely pride, it possibly will be the theme for my next book. 

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What is reality for Cosmos connect

Cosmos connect works with the Cosmos and the reality of the ideas of the philosophy are dependent on relativity.  If the ideas are looked from the perspective of Cosmos connect they are to evaluate the failure or otherwise to keep up with the cosmic laws.  No efforts are spared to identify people who are responsible for these failures and that is the reality within the Cosmos.  All thoughts relate to this and the cascades that follow work on building this knowledge.  On the other side, if the ideas of Morals, Ethics and Quality are relative to the Cosmos the reality is shaped by Obedience.  This ensures that the morals, ethics and quality of the cosmic theorists at work are evaluated.

Today for instance, it was obvious that the idea of Obedience was going to be looked at, the morning was different and as I drove to work, a part of me was repelled by what I was doing, "Was it tiredness ?" I asked myself, it just wasn't working out, and got no answers.  It wasn't tiredness obviously, we were looking at someone who had passed this route before, "It occurred to him," spoke out my cosmic guide now.  It was new experience and I couldn't relate to it till I reached the workshop and work began.  It was the same as before and I revelled in it.

"What were we trying to do ?" my mind still questioned and got the answer, we were looking at  morals, ethics and quality of some other group with a divergent work philosophy and a different way of making money.  This group always followed good work and placed emphasis on spoiling good work that went across before them.   I realised this and other cosmic theorists landed at the place and started to speak what had to spoken.  Before you know, it had turned quiet again.  "Do you know what cosmic law they are breaking," I wondered and realised it was Trust.

These thoughts set aside, I would be at peace if it weren't for that fact that they are close relatives who were affected by these thoughts.  Vindictiveness is nothing new to me and I have handled it with ease, every time it comes to me, I just let it pass, only this time I haven't and as it gets obvious they will not let go of these thoughts.  Sitting sipping a cup of tea and listening to "Jealous guy," by John Lennon.

As far as obedience goes and it's effect on the ideas and reality, I suddenly realised that mine had been evaluated too.  In fact we had two agenda's for the day, and it was this second agenda that interested me far more than our finding out who had breached trust.  The Obedience model passes it's inputs to the collaborative mind pool that deals with the minds that will answer the questions being posed to the cosmos.  My rating in this was 6.0/10.  "I am impressed now," I spoke out to no one in particular but knowing that I was being heard, "So this was my rating for morals, ethics and quality."  I have been lazing around the day since mid afternoon doing mundane things and I think I am being called upon to answer certain things by someone in the Cosmos who wants to know how the book "Cosmos connect," will sell.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What is the best way to write a concept

A concept document is the most important piece to write before getting into the philosophy itself.  The philosophy needs a synopsis and that could be the only thing that can be done before writing a concept document, anything else before starting the CONCEPT is not relevant.  Let the concept be an abstract thought theme, what were the thoughts you were dealing with at the time that the concept talks about.  Always quote from your life, there might be conversations or incidents that you could remember that impacted the progress through that phase of your life.

Ideas, which are the crux of a philosophy are nothing but a layer overlapped by thoughts of a concept.  These thoughts when uncovered will give birth to ideas that are inter related and will also have their process mapped out with the thoughts from the concept level.  Thoughts of those days that inspired the synopsis can be called at any time during the PHILOSOPHY level to validate the reality.  In cosmos connect the ideas that call the thoughts are morals, ethics, quality and obedience.  Working at the thought level is best exemplified by work of those days, these days are seen in real time as the thoughts are called.  For cosmos connect, my thoughts have been Work, Relationships and Cooking.

Work gets it inputs from Relationships as does cooking, then these outputs are ported back to Relationships and that begins the work at the philosophy level.  The relationship information is passed to the philosophy level and work happens on the Cosmic level.  This level is the REALITY.  Reality as we see within the realms of the Cosmos, everything that we see has been manufactured by the reality.  The reality is a fixed rigid body based on which everything revolves.  All coordinates are self explanatory with respect to this reality.  The age of the Earth, the evolution of dinosaurs and the apes to the humans is mapped with respect to this reality.

A philosophy could also be the frame of reference for the ideas of a philosophy, the point being even if the cosmos changes, the ideas of the philosophy remain the same.  With respect to the philosophy the ideas are influenced by the concept, while if the frame of reference changes to the cosmos, the influence is based only on Obedience, one of the ideas of the philosophy.  Obedience then decides the influence that the other three ideas have on the relevance of work, supposing cosmos was the frame of reference then obedience would rate the morals, ethics and quality of the cosmic theorist at work and choose to include them in the mind pool, which is a collaborative pool of minds of the dead and alive.

These are few pointers to the relevance of concept to the philosophy of Cosmos connect.

Monday, 30 October 2017

How did I retrieve a lost time lapse

There are some great ways to get back lost time lapses, one of the best ways is writing, it gives one the flexibility of giving the recipients the time frame within which they must come up with a solution that you already have.  If all goes well, and they are creative,  you get more mileage out of your writing.  Cooking is another way to share time lapses, and a very enjoyable one at that, the method in cooking is to recall a thought from a past time and then begins the series of thoughts that bring up a flood of memories.  A more materialistic way of bringing back time is to buy, shop for items recommended by the sellers, keep them in your shopping cart and buy them when you think it's appropriate.

By giving everybody a different new thought, you in effect keep them separate and away from each others thoughts, some thoughts can be over powering and therefore always give groups separate things to think about.  Different groups within your collaborating philosophies have different thoughts, they want different things from you, to know this is to be able to give them what they want. Never club conflicting philosophies in your business, it doesn't work and leaves everyone confused.

Always have the latest scoop on everybody so that you know which time lapse to hand over to them, this ways you will give them the best of you.  If you are an evolved person, you would know what these voices and thoughts are and pay heed to them while you write or cook or buy.   The best way to have the latest scoop on people is by talking to them and keeping them engaged.  This is easier said than done,  people these days don't pick up the phone or even not message you back, if you are eager to know, you will keep trying to enchant people.

Theory to practice is easy, while cooking brings up all good thoughts as we attempt to bring back a time lapse.  The important thing in cooking is to remember that we work in "If people were transformer" mode.  This ways the components of cooking can be people themselves.  Always remember to work in safe mode, not to go further than making people components.  Buying, cooking or writing, these are the best ways to retrieve lost time lapses.
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Sunday, 29 October 2017

What is the purpose of Philosophy

Philosophy is the core, the very heart of reality, it is derived from an abstract thought and refined into a document stating the purpose of the methodology.  The methods used to extract ideas from a thought are important to us.  There are various ideas that are at the crux of the Cosmos connect philosophy.  Some of them important and the others on a semi important level.  If you look at philosophy as a science it could be treated as such, however with respect to pure sciences, philosophy is not a science. The ideas germinating from Cosmos connect are Morals, Ethics, Quality and Obedience and on a conceptual basis these can be classified as Work, Relationships and cooking.

When theory is written it is the hope that it will take the form of reality soon, a philosophy must take the form of reality to be considered of relevance to human minds.  So if there is a society to prove that the earth is flat and they have a philosophy around it, it is not to disprove existing facts that the earth is round but in the hope, I presume, that someday they will find a planet that is flat.  When concept meets the science of philosophy, an abstract idea gets magnified into readable ideas that have inter relatable coordinates.  The more we try to build the relationships between Morals, Ethics, Quality and Obedience, the more likely we are to find the Cosmos and prove the existence of Cosmos Connect.

When we extract thought, the ideas become thread bare and can be analysed without the encumbrance of the biases of thoughts.  The idea then can be looked at with respect to all it's coordinates and it's relationship to other ideas of the philosophy.  All the four ideas of Cosmos connect are inter related as they are the crux of the philosophy, and when we have exhausted all relations between them, they can be pointed to the Cosmos, the reality, to prove the workability of Cosmos connect.  Coordinates of an idea are not stand alone in space and time but are relative to the Cosmos on one hand and to the Cosmic theorist on the other.

                                                           First draft of the Philosophy

                                              Second draft of the philosophy

                                                           Correction mode philosophy

The Universal laws govern the Cosmos and the success and mistake cascade form a part of it.  Relative to the Cosmos, these ideas are seen in the idealistic state, the Cosmos is a friend and forgiving, the ideas of morals, ethics, quality and obedience find a optimised state within the Cosmos and when analysed with respect to a human it is found that morals and ethics lead to a quality lifestyle, while obedience is best understood with respect to the Correction mode of the philosophy.  The Cosmos rates work with the help of a cosmic guide and the ratings are always on the positive side.

With regards to the other observer, the cosmic theorist himself whose work is being analysed, the ratings are more stringent, as is expected when the theorists quality in life is dependent on morals and ethics, the self ratings become a touch harsh in tune with the morals - ethics model that I will talk in more detail here.  Morals are the core of human values, they are defined as the religiosity of the Cosmos and these are entirely made up by our imagination, different humans imbibe different morals but the concept of morals does not change within the Cosmos as it might within the Cosmos theorist, who are humans after all.  In the beginning there were morals and then we derived ethics from them, which may be viewed as sound business practices, when are morals are put into practice they become ethics.  When ethics are viewed from a pure cosmic view, they are the net sum of our moralistic experiences.  Morals and Ethics when viewed from the Cosmic theorists point of view might lead to erroneous values and most likely need to be looked at relative to the Cosmos.  The ratings of the Cosmos have a higher value in this case than the Cosmic theorists own ratings.  High levels of morals and ethics lead to a high quality of lifestyle.

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

What is the concept for Cosmos connect

The concept for Cosmos connect starts with the premise that work of creation is the way to invoke the Cosmos.  It rests on the edifice that if we work, only then would the Cosmos come to us with answers. Last night I tried it out in a party and failed to get the desired results, as is obvious there was no one working.  The second premise it rests on is that relationships solving happens with ease once we have worked in the correction mode of the Cosmos connect.  This thought is accompanied by the thought that it will work for other genres as well if the Cosmic theorist spends time with it.  The third and last premise, but not the  least, is that cooking is an essential requirement for Cosmos connect.  All things good or bad in the Cosmos have a way of cascading through trails and the way to spread great work and stop poor quality from cascading, is by cooking.  The ideas of Work, Relationships and Cooking epitomise my life and there isn't a bit of doubt that these lead to highly evolved work and lifestyles.

Work is the net essence of our experiences.  If we experience it with dignity and pride there is a possibility that there would be improvement in it.  However why were these thoughts of other people in my head in the first place ? They must belong with me, yet they sound corrupted and they don’t go away even after I tell them to.  Could this brain have been hijacked ? If that were so why do I imbibe habits of other people is easily explainable by the concept of God.  Lord Rama becomes Hanuman when its time to open the door to a  new entrant into this religion, the gurus become baba jis as they get ready to receive the new pilgrim.  How can I turn the tables on them, and live my life the way I think I am supposed to lead. These people come to take a pound of my flesh, I finally agreed with myself.  I figured if there was a piece in wood being made then they could be components and be trapped in it forever until the piece broke and lastly it would break only when they did what I was doing right then.

Relationships are the key to the Cosmos and Cosmos connect is built on a relationship model to get to invoke the Correction mode methodology.  So what if I didn't have a great relationships game going ? Then it would fail to get the desired results.  What I mean by relationship model is a model that aspires to get for the cosmic theorist a belief that he or she could solve relationships conundrums by working with it.  To make better relationships is the primary purpose of Cosmos connect and through relationships we see a drastic improvement in work and personality development.  Work that improves perpetually through the weeks and months that follow, is the work of creation or work that creates something new.

Cooking is the way for the cosmic theorist to get to the destination of their choice, from A grade mysteries to C grade thrillers of life, everything is solved through cooking.  If you cook after your recent experience with Cosmos connect, it is possible that to further enhance the experience.  It is after all a work of creation and therefore works with people as components, just like my other thoughts on wood pieces,   It is a relaxing activity and very useful in defining how we must stop cascades of mistakes through the Cosmos connect and allow free reign to success cascades.  Control is the key to the cascades, and work must follow the exact pattern it needs to succeed while stopping work if there has been a mistake.

This is the concept of the Cosmos connect and further derived from this is the philosophy, the process is elucidated as below :

Concept ---> Philosophy ---> Reality
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Friday, 27 October 2017

Does the Cosmos believe in rebirth

The Cosmos is the environment around us that has nurtured us for centuries.  It is both forgiving and a friend and has been since we turned the dominant species on Earth.  Cosmos does not believe in rebirth and after death it will form a collaborative pool of minds of the dead to help humans find solutions to their problems.  The Cosmos works on the individual as well as groups.  The Cosmos believes in rectifying mistakes in the present and therefore you will never die, there's just a rebirth in the same life as work quality improves and personality development takes place.

God theories believe that there is death, followed by heaven or hell and then rebirth based on sins and omissions in the past life.  Based on this concept there is God that exists in the past and the future only.  The cosmos exists only in the present.  While theories of God believe in god being omnipresent, the Cosmos refutes this and states that he doesn't exist in the present.  Working with the Cosmos in Cosmos connect philosophy brings you closer to God.  Where as God theory believed that religion would take humans to God, this theory has come crashing down, because in the present there is no sign of God.

The Cosmos theory believes that there is rebirth based on your ratings of Obedience, which is the yearly rating for any cosmic theorist and is also the basis for yearly payouts.  Soon as one is out of yesterday, the present takes over and that is all that the humans see.  While the cosmos works in the present, God has ordained out a special mechanism to bring humans from past to future called Heaven and Hell.  The work of the present forms the basis for the future in the same life.  Past, present and future for the cosmos are available in the same life.  If work quality is good then we move a step closer to God, all poor quality works take their time reaching God.

The dilemma here is to be able to reconcile the present with the future and that happens when a person dies and becomes a part of the cosmic collaborative pool, where he or she is ranked based on merit.  This is where the future begins and the Godly journey of man starts for the Cosmos.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

The need for God

God is the single most worshipped thing in the world.   Though, I would emphasise the word single, for I believe in Jesus and believe him to be the one Lord, there are many other Gods in this world.  The purpose of the supreme being is yet to be revealed, the sighters of him are rare, the last I saw anything remotely similar to Jesus, was never.  Jesus is the most loving God I have encountered, he is kind, humble, loving and stays true to his word.  Other Godly trails have led me to Gods that have asked for explanations and then followed it by condemnation, the last I must have encountered a God of this kind was 15 years ago.  This encounter strengthened my belief that Gods must indeed be needed in society to keep its inhabitants straight, and my curiosity deepened enough to seek another encounter but it never did happen.  I never saw God again.

People worshipping a deity, believing in the same thing, start to see things and hallucinate, and every other person who enters this cloister or worshipping group sees the same thing.  Dissent is normally not acceptable and dissenters are banished into hell, in the case of Jesus though, dissent is accepted and treated as normal.  Literature and music that dissect the thoughts in the Bible proliferate and this is seen as normal.  This is a unique phenomena not seen in any other religion, I being a Sikh by birth have seen dogmatic thinking and disdain for other thoughts. There is no concept of forgiveness as is in the case of Jesus where there is forgiveness, if there is repentance.

The hell that I encountered 15 years back was the making of my fate, once your sins and omissions are evaluated, there is no looking back on you, God stopped looking at me and I was condemned to hell.  The fires of hell stoked by the society, since God is only human, are very strong.  Where ever I went they seemed to know that I was a pariah and climbed on me with voices of people coming into my home with thoughts of giving their sins and taking whatever strength I had managed to muster for myself.  I died a million deaths those days.  I am hardly haunted of those times these days, for there is Jesus looking at me now.

God is after all human, and there is scope for bigotry and partisan attitudes thrive, therefore some sins get omitted, while others get singled out.  Though I must admit that Jesus works on Merit and if all this works on merit then the concept of God, the humanly one, is needed to keep people straight, no matter what caste, creed, moneyed or otherwise.
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How do you know if Cosmos connect will sell

The concept for Cosmos connect started sometime back, about 2 1/2 years ago when I was working on wood.  It has been a long journey which has spanned Gods and their wisdom to work ethics and even the devil.  The core point that has emerged out of all this has been that work and personality improvements happen, and most importantly that it has been the work of the Cosmos.  The thrill of having discovered a concept like Cosmos connect has been undermined for two years since I didn't know what the purpose of the concept was, and as work improved dramatically and then fell down to the nadir, I meandered adrift wondering why this was so.  This was till I discovered the Cosmos connect.  The purpose of the concept of Cosmos connect in my life is to build relationships for me.

Cosmos connect has found a purpose with me as it will with a lot of other people who revel in successes and recover from mistakes.  I have wondered often enough if there is a course waiting for me to conduct on Cosmos connect, "Is it something that can be taught ?" I have been asked often and started to work on the modules and sub modules that would go into building such a course, and then stopped.  After all a course would answer all questions related to a person learning Cosmos connect and it could be a hybrid course, a mixture of self learning and classroom teaching.

Without hesitation I could say there are 250 people involved with taking this concept to reality.  Of these, 50 are accessible to me while the others are through the Cosmic guide.  Last night I put a question to all these people, whether they could come out with their learnings and send it to me on, whatever questions need to be answered would be answered by me by email.  It is a concept that can be easily emulated by reality, and as people begin to work, it opens up new avenues for both employee-employer model and the homemakers.

The philosophy is promoted by writing blog posts, creating posters and videos.  These are then put up on social media to get their responses.  It is not without doubt that it is said that concept to philosophy to reality takes at least 4 months.  The thought is to get the book out by Christmas, however it might be delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances.  I would require funds to market the book and these funds will take at least two months to galvanise, without this in place I would not dare put the book out for evaluation.  I would require 150K Indian rupees for this, and am exploring the idea of crowd funding.

The marketing of the book works on giving out chapters to a core group of 250 people for free.  Hopefully this will satisfy their urges of knowing that it is a good book, a book sells by references and every reference is important as any.  Direct sales and word of mouth references are the way to make progress, I get thoughts about selling this through publishers but dare not think of the rejections it would cause.  An ebook would suffice and it would be sold through Amazon kindle stores keeping the price to as low as Rs 100-200.  Also barnes and nobles and other online stores would be a rich source of opportunity.  I can promise a low cost book that will change lives and will be a worthwhile experiential learning.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Cosmos connect : Which is the best way to work

People work in a variety of ways, there are many who think that working in a team enhances their capabilities and others who like to work alone or in solitude.  Working alone takes a self motivation that is hard to garner for normal population who like to be driven instead of being self driven.  Also there are no voices when you work alone, it's quiet and Cosmos connect is not present and neither is the Cosmos invoked.  Though when you work in a team, conversations are a great way to start the day and though it is lovely to be able to manage a team, never give up on your core work.

Working in teams is great, there are people to support each others and the sense of accomplishment, success or failure is shared.  Teams are about performance and success is driven by team work and accomplishments are shared.  Teams always believe that they are the best in the business and that ways they manage to give their best to their work.  I believe that the customer doesn't know what is a good product, it is the team that finds ways to make an innovative product and to sell it.  This is one of the learnings that Steve Jobs passed on to his team at Apple.  When you look at it from a closer perspective there is no doubt that this true, the surveys that go into making a product are useless, instead a simple survey asking the customer about it would be enough.  People spend enormous amount of time on the customer survey and hence lose out on the essence of the product.

Skill upgradation is a very necessary part of work culture these days as most positions in companies remain open as the human resource department cannot find a suitable candidate.  Skills upgrades are required even while you work or you change jobs fast enough so that redundancy does not catch up with you.  Cosmos connect can identify the right skill you need to have for a job and that is a big plus in the job market.  It can also identify work environments that are best suited for your style of work, this is done by evaluating your personality and matching them with your employers process to make money.  There are various ways to make money and this has been explored adequately enough in the literature here.  Once cosmos connect knows the process at the employer it is a question of judging the candidates personality with some simple questions and matching it to the employer.

The colour of money is not always green, identify your process to make money before you approach your employer for salary hikes or bonuses.  Never give up what you believe in and though things may take time if you follow whats written on this blog you will make money.  Work should be fun and without fun there is no progress on the creative front.  Be a genius at your skills and the very best of your trade while never giving up your core work, always upgrading.  I aim to be a woodworking master in 4 years because that is my core work.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

What is cascade in Cosmos connect

The cosmos connect is chain of networks, collaborative pool locations that come together to form synchronous voices and thoughts that mirror and answer each other.  The trick is knowing when the Cosmos is with you and the chain of events that surround it.  Nothing is by chance, everything happens in the Cosmos by logic and is enduring.  There is however a thing with Cosmos connect, it is the non corrective mode, it is when we do not identify people on the cosmic law but however do it on the basis of their archaic or relevant money making philosophies.  This way we know where these people come from and what backgrounds they have, though we have no need to dwell into these philosophies for we have our own.

When working in the non-correction mode, it is important to note that the collaborative pools form a success or a mistake cascade.  So if the project is successful or the day worked out, then the chain has worked it out.  A mistake has serious ramifications and the cascade needs to be stopped in its path, the Cosmos connect will then go into its correction mode and stop the mistake from cascading.  There are other methods of moving into the correction mode or mode philosophy and that is the method of identification.  Either ways the correction mode is the best way to eliminate time and energy wasted in the Cosmos due to cascading mistakes.  Cosmos is very forgiving and is remarkably versatile in handling all human problems especially the ones relating to relationships.

A relationship breakdown will cascade down the chain unless correction mode methodology comes into play to understand why the relation cracked up.  It is important to keep the cosmic theorist and the cosmic guide involved updated on this.  I have had one relationship breakdown ever since I became a cosmic theorist practitioner and that despite all attempts to stop it cascaded.  The issue went on for over one month with the question and answers coming from both sides and even drifted into murky waters with mudslinging happening.  I have a feeling that if there had been a guide during those times, and there was none, he came after the event, it would have helped resolved the matter of cascading mistakes.

Regardless of what people might say about the slowness of work and the painstaking attention to detail, it becomes obvious that this is the way forward in terms of relationships and I daresay I will prove that it works for other genre of life as well.  The voices of Cosmos connect are strong enough to help out with careers and jobs and one job will cascade into many getting jobs.  It is after all about relationships and they prove the worth of any humanity based concept.
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The voices of Cosmos connect

The Cosmos connect is a collaborative pool of minds from the present and the past, it is a remarkable entity and forever choosing to benefit man kind.  If I was to lend a voice to the Cosmos it would keep it safe with it till it could analyse its merits and grade it for positioning in the Collaborative pool.  The pool is dependent on location, obedience, taking risks to work in correction mode and the work itself.  The analogy that I draw here is that of a frog in a well, the frog over a period of time becomes the king of the well, as everybody recognises it,  similarly a location based collaborative pool offers the opportunity of knowing people from these locations that have formed a pool.  Multiple locations may be factored in so that the voices have significance and synchrony.

The voices are pulled from the collaborative pool, as mentioned earlier, some people talk, others don't - the voices are method of working in the correction mode primarily.  As you encounter people who you think need identification because of their failure to follow the Cosmic law, the voices are identified with these people in real time.  Every transgression is a voice and this can be analysed with respect to the work that we intend to carry out.  Once at the work place the identification and tagging of the identified people continues, if the work being carried out is good it is precise else accurate enough.  The work of creation is what lends itself to Cosmos connect and it is wise to use this methodology for improvement in work.  The voices even tell you when you are about to go wrong in your work, be it an entrepreneur, employee or homemaker.

"What are the risks of working in correction mode," one may ask and the answers to it are that it gets very noisy and two it has to be based on ethics as wrongly identifying someone can lead to consequences.  The Cosmos values morals and ethics, all our work is dependent on correct analysis with our cosmic guide.  Though there may be times when the cosmic guide is not available and our utopian lifestyle or lifestyles leading to it could be of value at that time.  Poor or rich is not factored in, what is of value is the lifestyle of the person and that is the basis for selection as well.  A poor person with a utopian lifestyle living in his sparse environment but living an idealism or philosophy is far preferred by the cosmos to a rich person with means but no regard for the cosmic law.

When a person is recognised as a hero in a location, it is an opportunity to grow out of his location and move to different locations to be an unknown commodity again and to prove himself or herself on a larger scale.  The voices here are unknown and they would have to figured out and work carried out as mentioned in the literature here, the process remains the same.  This is known as "growing the frog" and the frog may just might turn into a lion.  The Cosmos empowers people.
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Monday, 23 October 2017

Universal laws of the Cosmos

As we strive to make money based on the Cosmos, we have to work out identification of people who don't follow the law of the Cosmos.  Below appears a list of points for the law of the Cosmos :

1.  Animal protection.
2.  Forest land conservation.
3.  Water conservation.
4.  Traffic sense.
5.  Humane treatment to all things.
6.  Ecology friendly Garbage disposal.
7.  Equality for all.
8.  Work based on ethics and morals.
9.  Utopian concept of living (rating based on how closely you get there).
10.Regard for all races.
11.Infidelity and Adultery.
12.Copying and piracy.
13. Trust.

All the above points are based on what you see, except for point 8 that is based on how closely we reach the concept.  I would keep adding to this list so visit the page often.