Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to crack the Cosmos code

The Cosmos connect is a philosophy and to know the methodology behind it is a first step.  "Knowing that all cosmic theorists work with guides and knowing that the guide may be gone sometimes only," I decided to myself, "It would be neigh impossible that all my whereabouts would be  known to my guide, after all he ain't god or is he." I quietly strode into the room knowing my question would be answered and I wasn't disappointed, as it turned out, he had to know about all my movements because thats how got to a place safe and sound.  The cosmos is a friend and has our best interest at our heart.

So if the guide comes back, how do we handle the time when the guide isn't around, I do it by writing, when I have nothing to do, I prefer to write.  "Has he gone away too often," I was asked one day, "Well, he must have taken up other projects when he went missing for 5 months," I said, knowing that I went into hiding for 3 months before that because I had started building horror stories for others.  When he did return, it would seem to me, it was because the noises grew louder and the trial criss crossed again, "That must be it if you want to believe me," I am a cosmic theorist today and very proud of the way I have handled the projects that have come my way.

"What are horror stories," he asked one day, "do you begin to make stories of death or do you make stories of mistakes that others will commit," I was dumbfounded for  a second before I gained my normal aplomb and said, "I must have been mad those days." 

What it takes to crack the cosmos code is to not believe everything you see, and to take everything with a pinch of salt. "Critical analysis, ahem," I must have wondered when the answer was given to me, "Yes," was the reply, even my most humorous of all queries are answered by the Cosmos, it takes me very seriously these days.  The one important thing that has changed from the past is that I take my work very seriously.  I never write when I am lonely, I write because I am with friends.  Reading books come easy these days, the tough part is being serious when I am told to be.  Even the slightest mistakes have an impact on life and it's hard to realise that it is me who is being told because I am at the helm of affairs.  The buckets full of tears, I am told, "These tears are in lieu of water preservation or conservation," they never should be taken seriously all these answers that are non cosmic in nature.  If we ever work on water preservation and conservation, we would know that water is a precious quantity and cannot be added to the "If people were transformers list."  That's how you conserve and preserve water.

Long ago, from days where the stories are yet untold, I was told of a lonely pride, it possibly will be the theme for my next book. 

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