Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The voices of Cosmos connect

The Cosmos connect is a collaborative pool of minds from the present and the past, it is a remarkable entity and forever choosing to benefit man kind.  If I was to lend a voice to the Cosmos it would keep it safe with it till it could analyse its merits and grade it for positioning in the Collaborative pool.  The pool is dependent on location, obedience, taking risks to work in correction mode and the work itself.  The analogy that I draw here is that of a frog in a well, the frog over a period of time becomes the king of the well, as everybody recognises it,  similarly a location based collaborative pool offers the opportunity of knowing people from these locations that have formed a pool.  Multiple locations may be factored in so that the voices have significance and synchrony.

The voices are pulled from the collaborative pool, as mentioned earlier, some people talk, others don't - the voices are method of working in the correction mode primarily.  As you encounter people who you think need identification because of their failure to follow the Cosmic law, the voices are identified with these people in real time.  Every transgression is a voice and this can be analysed with respect to the work that we intend to carry out.  Once at the work place the identification and tagging of the identified people continues, if the work being carried out is good it is precise else accurate enough.  The work of creation is what lends itself to Cosmos connect and it is wise to use this methodology for improvement in work.  The voices even tell you when you are about to go wrong in your work, be it an entrepreneur, employee or homemaker.

"What are the risks of working in correction mode," one may ask and the answers to it are that it gets very noisy and two it has to be based on ethics as wrongly identifying someone can lead to consequences.  The Cosmos values morals and ethics, all our work is dependent on correct analysis with our cosmic guide.  Though there may be times when the cosmic guide is not available and our utopian lifestyle or lifestyles leading to it could be of value at that time.  Poor or rich is not factored in, what is of value is the lifestyle of the person and that is the basis for selection as well.  A poor person with a utopian lifestyle living in his sparse environment but living an idealism or philosophy is far preferred by the cosmos to a rich person with means but no regard for the cosmic law.

When a person is recognised as a hero in a location, it is an opportunity to grow out of his location and move to different locations to be an unknown commodity again and to prove himself or herself on a larger scale.  The voices here are unknown and they would have to figured out and work carried out as mentioned in the literature here, the process remains the same.  This is known as "growing the frog" and the frog may just might turn into a lion.  The Cosmos empowers people.
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