Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What is a trail for Cosmos connect

When you call out to people without knowing why you do so, it is wrong, friendships are not made this way these days, it is with kids that friends are made without knowing why you make them.  The Cosmos connect trail idea is the idea of people joining together for brief moments to understand what needs to be done for the moment.  These people come together based on a trail, and the trail is based on a mistake or success that they have had in life.  Trails all of us leave like shooting stars, our lives are based on a mixture of trails.  The more number of trails the less successful life has been because we have dabbled in various things.  This itself could be a trail in itself.

Friendships are the purpose of Cosmos connect, and friends are made when trails criss cross and people have a meeting of minds.  This way we always know why we made friends with somebody and would also know why they go away.  When the purpose of the criss cross is over people may choose to walk away and some may stay back based on their experiences with each other.  Friendship bonds have to be forged after that, relationships have to be built.  Be it family, friends or lovers, the bonds of friendship develop based on Cosmos connects trail methodology

A mistake could be an accident in life or a setback that was caused by a personal misdemeanour and Cosmos connect always keeps track of peoples mistakes and successes.  This way it is able to get people together, before we thought of the Cosmos, we wouldn't have known why we were meeting people and making friends.  We thought it was our work that was causing it, and as is known the ego that generates out of this thought kills all friendships.  Cosmos connect is a way of knowing the Cosmos and what it has been doing for a very long time.

Success trails are easier to track as most people are boastful of their successes and can be asked to explain what made it a success as long as they get their names in the limelight.  Just yesterday when we were putting up the discussion board for the book website, when the work was complete, we had to hear from a gentleman who said he had done it before and could help.  Work was already over and so we didn't get to hear from him for too long, but before it ended a lady had also put in a word saying that she knew how to put up the board on the website.

One the largest areas of discussion in Cosmos connect trail criss cross is how do we get these people together based on their trails.  It is a painstaking job that opens up the mind of people who do this, and I call them the Tempters.  Actually the phrase is borrowed from Bible literature of the 1950's in particular C.S. Lewis.  The tempters are a requirement as they know their job is to find people and get them to the Trail criss cross.  The idea is Corrections, a mistake needs corrections and this is the mode philosophy of Cosmos connect.  Successes need less corrections but they still require fine tuning of personalities which is the purpose of working with the Cosmos in Correction mode philosophy. 
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