Monday, 23 October 2017

Universal laws of the Cosmos

As we strive to make money based on the Cosmos, we have to work out identification of people who don't follow the law of the Cosmos.  Below appears a list of points for the law of the Cosmos :

1.  Animal protection.
2.  Forest land conservation.
3.  Water conservation.
4.  Traffic sense.
5.  Humane treatment to all things.
6.  Ecology friendly Garbage disposal.
7.  Equality for all.
8.  Work based on ethics and morals.
9.  Utopian concept of living (rating based on how closely you get there).
10.Regard for all races.
11.Infidelity and Adultery.
12.Copying and piracy.
13. Trust.

All the above points are based on what you see, except for point 8 that is based on how closely we reach the concept.  I would keep adding to this list so visit the page often.


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