Friday, 27 October 2017

Does the Cosmos believe in rebirth

The Cosmos is the environment around us that has nurtured us for centuries.  It is both forgiving and a friend and has been since we turned the dominant species on Earth.  Cosmos does not believe in rebirth and after death it will form a collaborative pool of minds of the dead to help humans find solutions to their problems.  The Cosmos works on the individual as well as groups.  The Cosmos believes in rectifying mistakes in the present and therefore you will never die, there's just a rebirth in the same life as work quality improves and personality development takes place.

God theories believe that there is death, followed by heaven or hell and then rebirth based on sins and omissions in the past life.  Based on this concept there is God that exists in the past and the future only.  The cosmos exists only in the present.  While theories of God believe in god being omnipresent, the Cosmos refutes this and states that he doesn't exist in the present.  Working with the Cosmos in Cosmos connect philosophy brings you closer to God.  Where as God theory believed that religion would take humans to God, this theory has come crashing down, because in the present there is no sign of God.

The Cosmos theory believes that there is rebirth based on your ratings of Obedience, which is the yearly rating for any cosmic theorist and is also the basis for yearly payouts.  Soon as one is out of yesterday, the present takes over and that is all that the humans see.  While the cosmos works in the present, God has ordained out a special mechanism to bring humans from past to future called Heaven and Hell.  The work of the present forms the basis for the future in the same life.  Past, present and future for the cosmos are available in the same life.  If work quality is good then we move a step closer to God, all poor quality works take their time reaching God.

The dilemma here is to be able to reconcile the present with the future and that happens when a person dies and becomes a part of the cosmic collaborative pool, where he or she is ranked based on merit.  This is where the future begins and the Godly journey of man starts for the Cosmos.

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