Monday, 9 October 2017

Death and its significance to the Cosmos

Death is the final frontier with God, with the Cosmos it is a stepping stone.  The voices in the head are distractions when Death is near, the Cosmos warns humans to be disciplined and that saves lives.  The repeats are endless, as people try to cover their mistakes, the Cosmos meanwhile goes on in Correction mode and takes the help of a person who is listening to it and corrects a mistake.  The advantage for the person in correction mode with the Cosmos is that work happens perfectly and the rough edges are gone from personality.

The Cosmos applies its principles of death and moves the mind of the person dead into a collaborative pool.  It doesn't believe in heaven or hell, it works on merit, your work decides where you are in the chain.  Solutions present itself to the Cosmos based on the minds that help resolve the situation.  The human intellect is different from the Cosmos, the Cosmos works on developing the intellect but it is up to the human to discern and listen to the Cosmos only.

Discipline in life lends itself very well to the Cosmos.  It is the way to meet similar minded people which is a pre requisite to making friends.  Also a life of discipline is appreciated and in death too, it adds value to the collaborative pool.  The bodies are consumed but the minds live on to experience the beauty of the cosmos.  All mistakes are repetitive and require immense will power and help to get over the bad habits.  As an example, a car driver makes a mistake of regularly changing lanes without signalling or looking for other cars, a person watching such a driver can correct the mistake by taking corrective measures of his own.  The cosmos is what opens up this thought process in the driver correcting the mistakes.  The driver then heads to work to find a perfect world awaiting his arrival.

A mistake is something that affects another person or groups of people, all of life is about living it taking due consideration of other lives.  A mistake has a cascading effect in chains of communities and the Cosmos by moving into correction mode prevents this cascade.  If death was cascaded we would have millions dying of one mistake, if you hear somebody say, we just do what our mind tells us, tell them to stop it, they could be affecting a million lives by simply ignoring the human intellect.
A lot of literature is available on dealing with the mind and  intellect and the one that I listen to is Dr Parthasarthy of the Vedanta academy in India.

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