Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Cosmos entity

The Cosmos entity is an accumulation of minds, a congregation of people with no bodies but voices.  Not only the alive but the voices also come from across generations and to provide soul to humans on earth, which is to imply that even remarkable people who are dead act like cosmic guides.  The voices are agitated and some very peaceful, it is the work of the Cosmos wherein some speak and the others are quiet.  It brings like minded people into a bond of friendship which is a precursor to love.

The soul of a human being is the net sum of ethics, work and etiquettes, the cosmos works on the soul and gives humans ideals to work with.  So we might have Steve Jobs within our communities as he dispenses his wisdom through startups and entrepreneurs. The dead form an integral part of the Cosmos, they have no bodies and the souls work on the minds of people to make them better at whatever they put their mind to.  I am a relationships guy and I believe the Cosmos has helped me tremendously through my own cosmic guide.

The cosmos works on Merit, it determines merit on a scale of 1-10, the scale is determined arbitrarily by the Cosmos as it works and listens to what is the purpose and intention of the human being.  Growth being the biggest factor,  emotional intelligence another and thirdly obedience to the cosmos. It works in subtle ways and the voice is heard in a subdued manner.  The curve of the cosmos is always on the upswing,  according to cosmic guides people who believe in the cosmos amount to 30%, in God is another 40% and the rest are non committal.

Marriages happens between people when the Cosmos chooses so.  Marriages are marriages of the mind as people with similar traits get involved based on trail criss cross.  These marriages are ageless and across generations as this is the process of providing good souls to human beings.  This way the cosmos ensures that people are never alone.

The Cosmos entity is way to big to understand and the human race is swamped with god loving religions that tend to be money making gimmicks, the Cosmos is much personal and close.  It shows the way through work, any encounter with the cosmos begins with work.  The terms that I apply while working is "work talk" which is a way through which the Cosmos shows the way on how to work as my work talks to me telling me what to do where and when.  Cosmos connect is the way to salvation for the human race.

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