Thursday, 19 October 2017

I am a homemaker : How can cosmos connect work for me

Homemakers run the house and for them to be upset makes little sense to the man of the house.  A happy homemakers makes for a happy home.  Cosmos connect works in tandem with a homemaker too.  She comes home, dresses up the house and cooks or organises food and at the end of the day wonders what she is getting from it.  I have proven in my previous posts that the Cosmos is about the work of creation and cooking of food is work of creation.  "A dollop of thousand island with some rice and curry please," she hears and readies the plate.  The flavours of food are overwhelming, a warm yellow light suffuses the house, it is spic and span, "Oh for some good food on my table," he says at last, sated.

The houses are run by homemakers on borrowed money, by hard work and labor, she or he runs the house like a dream, everything seems to function just the way it should.  You would think she deserves a salary like all salaried folks and even take pride in it.  Working with the Cosmos in the Cosmos connect Correction mode ensures this, the cosmos values work and not money.  It ensures that you make money but the true worth of a person is in the work they do, creation work is of essence. Cosmos connect as a philosophy is groundbreaking and will ensure that you are always paid for the work that you do.

Cosmos lends itself well to the work of creation, and working in the house provides opportunities to work with the cosmos.  There is ample evidence to suggest that cooking is a occupation that creates and there are no dearth of opportunities to make money from it as a homemaker.  Good food is immensely satisfying yet it is the process of cooking that we will take a look into here.  Cooks tend to talk while they cook and that leads to some interesting possibilities with the food, there are thoughts that run through cooked food, it is akin to a philosophy I call "If people were transformers".  If that were so, every current passing through the wires would be people and every component would be people.  A transformer is made of a step down circuit and a step up circuitry.  The same is true for food, all components could be people and when they come in with pleasant thoughts it makes for good cooking experience.  A happy cook makes for a happy home.

Relationships are what make the world work, and Cosmos connect is about building your relations, it ensures that you keep people in the loop about the work, not just the one who pays you.  Cosmos connect will not be effective unless you have build your relationships by talking with important people in your life.  It is as effective as you are with your relationships, take time to build them while working and honing your skills as a homemaker.  Pick up a hobby and let it transform your life while you are a homemaker, let it be your next career.

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