Saturday, 28 October 2017

What is the concept for Cosmos connect

The concept for Cosmos connect starts with the premise that work of creation is the way to invoke the Cosmos.  It rests on the edifice that if we work, only then would the Cosmos come to us with answers. Last night I tried it out in a party and failed to get the desired results, as is obvious there was no one working.  The second premise it rests on is that relationships solving happens with ease once we have worked in the correction mode of the Cosmos connect.  This thought is accompanied by the thought that it will work for other genres as well if the Cosmic theorist spends time with it.  The third and last premise, but not the  least, is that cooking is an essential requirement for Cosmos connect.  All things good or bad in the Cosmos have a way of cascading through trails and the way to spread great work and stop poor quality from cascading, is by cooking.  The ideas of Work, Relationships and Cooking epitomise my life and there isn't a bit of doubt that these lead to highly evolved work and lifestyles.

Work is the net essence of our experiences.  If we experience it with dignity and pride there is a possibility that there would be improvement in it.  However why were these thoughts of other people in my head in the first place ? They must belong with me, yet they sound corrupted and they don’t go away even after I tell them to.  Could this brain have been hijacked ? If that were so why do I imbibe habits of other people is easily explainable by the concept of God.  Lord Rama becomes Hanuman when its time to open the door to a  new entrant into this religion, the gurus become baba jis as they get ready to receive the new pilgrim.  How can I turn the tables on them, and live my life the way I think I am supposed to lead. These people come to take a pound of my flesh, I finally agreed with myself.  I figured if there was a piece in wood being made then they could be components and be trapped in it forever until the piece broke and lastly it would break only when they did what I was doing right then.

Relationships are the key to the Cosmos and Cosmos connect is built on a relationship model to get to invoke the Correction mode methodology.  So what if I didn't have a great relationships game going ? Then it would fail to get the desired results.  What I mean by relationship model is a model that aspires to get for the cosmic theorist a belief that he or she could solve relationships conundrums by working with it.  To make better relationships is the primary purpose of Cosmos connect and through relationships we see a drastic improvement in work and personality development.  Work that improves perpetually through the weeks and months that follow, is the work of creation or work that creates something new.

Cooking is the way for the cosmic theorist to get to the destination of their choice, from A grade mysteries to C grade thrillers of life, everything is solved through cooking.  If you cook after your recent experience with Cosmos connect, it is possible that to further enhance the experience.  It is after all a work of creation and therefore works with people as components, just like my other thoughts on wood pieces,   It is a relaxing activity and very useful in defining how we must stop cascades of mistakes through the Cosmos connect and allow free reign to success cascades.  Control is the key to the cascades, and work must follow the exact pattern it needs to succeed while stopping work if there has been a mistake.

This is the concept of the Cosmos connect and further derived from this is the philosophy, the process is elucidated as below :

Concept ---> Philosophy ---> Reality
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