Thursday, 12 October 2017

Covenant with the Cosmos

The more I look at it, the more I find that there has been only the Cosmos where I thought there was God.  God is that intangible thing that scientific reason cannot validate.  The more we think of God, the more we shift into irrationality, for never has there been a time that his presence has been seen by anyone.  Our mind is made by the society, the books and our upbringing which insists that there has to be more to existence than mere humanly trudge through the 70 odd years of life.  Where do we go after we die and what if we have sinned, is there a heaven or hell ?

My out of body experience seems to indicate to me that there is nothing surreal that happens after one dies, it is a black out and nothing moves, unlike the movies and other contrary literature that seems to suggest that we head to heaven or hell.  So if there is no heaven or hell, and no God is going to make his presence felt, am I reneging on faith.  I think not, these are mere terminologies developed by religions to keep people on the straight path and off late a money making gimmick.

It is to the benefit of the society to keep people believing in God, there is no other reason for there to be so much proliferation of God, the Eastern society has always had God within their worldly ways and the West has often looked at the East for understanding.  Now it would seem to me that the West is also moving to a religion centric society, where the Bible has taken new meaning and the people seeking solitude in God are held in disdain as they are expected to visit the Church.  God is a group game and no longer for the ones who want to be left alone.

Why humans exist is to find the purpose of their lives, once this understanding dawned on our ancestors, some of them with a scientific temperament saw what the Cosmos was offering, a world with no hues, just black and white reasoning to get us from point A to point B.  This is the first premise to existence, Purpose.  All the other premises are based on societal pressures like marriage, children and mere existence to make money.

To renege on faith is to go back on your covenants with God and to fall back on all your promises to him and that hasn't happened to me, I still pray to him though the fervour is down and I am thinking more scientifically about who is listening to the prayer.  Cosmos and God are on the same plane, if Cosmos is friendship then the Lord is Love.  Belief in the Cosmos leads to God. 
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