Sunday, 8 October 2017

What is the Cosmos connect

Cosmos connect is a philosophy, the term coined in the book "One perfect love - Cosmos connect," to gain understanding of how the Cosmos is forever working for the benefit of human kind.  When people meet there is always a possibility of making friends or finding lovers, the cosmos answers all questions relating to relationships in the book.  Though the book deals with relationships I am sure the Cosmos can answer other questions relating to job, career etc.  The book differentiates between Cosmos and God and places cosmos on the same pedestal as the human race has done to God.

One perfect love is to find that one love that in all its perfection brings you closer to God, after all, God is love.  Of all the loves that you have had, which is that one love that has got you going in your life and made you work harder than ever in the quest to achieve goals.  Loves are based on friendships and we meet people when the trails criss cross, like streaking shooting stars that leave a trail behind, all people leave trails and when they criss cross we have to go back in life sometimes in the present and meet up with them.  Trail criss cross is characterised by loud noises in our heads and if we are sensitive to the relations we have we will go out and meet the people.

Talking to friends during these times forms bonds and strong friendships, and friendships are the basis of love.  To find loves its important to make friends and then solve the lives of the one we love. This could be a parent, friend or lover even close family as long as we are in close touch with them while we are solving their lives.  A phone call or a meeting in a coffee shop helps.  Ask the right questions and you will get the answers.  Solving lives means to work with relationships in the mind and to be willing to not think of gains while you work.  Not all kinds of work are amenable to Cosmos connect, mostly it is the work of creation it relates to.

The Cosmos listens because it has our best interest at heart, and it is to the benefit of man kind to learn to listen to the Cosmos.  The Cosmos connect works in correction mode to solve and correct the mysteries in human life and by working in correction mode, we become a part of the Cosmos.  The Cosmos listens to correct mistakes, the world has to move to a perfect world, and in it's endeavour to make this possible it corrects in the most subdued ways.  This is the way of the world, from Nature conservationists to Renewable energy proponents, we as a human race have come a long way to be in sync with the Cosmos.

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