Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Everybody loves a lover

Everybody loves a lover, seems like an idiom that is quite perfect.  Lovers bring sweet memories to the fore and heat of the sun or the cold of a winter morning is forgotten thus suffused in the warm glow of love are lovers.  We all love the warm glow and the way it spreads into our souls, the faint touch and the tingle that it brought, the joy and the laughter of being together.  They bring a strange hush over the normal proceedings.

However an affair like any other human tendency brings with it the strings that hold the society together.  When all is going well, happiness abounds and people with happy lives come together to spring a symphony from morning to evening.  Happy people are good to connect with and lovers are happy.  They along with the other happy people in the world form the interactions of the world.  Happiness is addictive, and it forms a chain of people who pass on the happiness to the world and the world becomes a happier place.

An adulterous affair on the other hand is chased down by society and its vanguards, all the strings examined by them and then every effort is made to break it down.  So what are these strings, these strings are what hold the relations together, as affairs evolve, these strings get formed, they are what hold the affair together and carry it to its fulfilment, which is a marriage.  An adulterous affair on the other hand forms the wrong strings, it is based on hidden motives and desires.  What does an adulterous affair want, to be hidden from society, and the society goes out to see that it is unmasked.

The strings in an adulterous love affair are not conducive to the normal functioning of society, love affairs bind society and an adulterous one break down society.  It is like a chemical bond, a string, and is stable when in its reactive state however when it is broken a chain reaction occurs and various other strings with it also get broken.  Society in its endeavour to keep itself intact will try to break all adulterous strings and keep the ones that are sound in nature.

"Lets go to the park," she said.
"Let's not, instead lets go to a coffee shop," he replied.

They were still debating where to go, when the cop turned up in front of them.  How did he know where they were, was it the sweet talk, the talk of love or the warm suffused glow that got him here.

"What are you doing here," the cop asked them.  They were sitting on a bench on the street.
"What do you want copper," he asked the cop, "We aren't committing a crime."
"We are just talking," she said joining in,
"Hush," he said, "Go away copper."

The cop walked away knowing he was talking to genuine lovers indulging in sweet talk, he saw the flowers bloom, all shades of colours, the grey clouds against the blue sky slowing moving across casting their shadow on the earth.

"Everybody loves a lover," he said finally to himself and knew.

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