Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What is the best way to write a concept

A concept document is the most important piece to write before getting into the philosophy itself.  The philosophy needs a synopsis and that could be the only thing that can be done before writing a concept document, anything else before starting the CONCEPT is not relevant.  Let the concept be an abstract thought theme, what were the thoughts you were dealing with at the time that the concept talks about.  Always quote from your life, there might be conversations or incidents that you could remember that impacted the progress through that phase of your life.

Ideas, which are the crux of a philosophy are nothing but a layer overlapped by thoughts of a concept.  These thoughts when uncovered will give birth to ideas that are inter related and will also have their process mapped out with the thoughts from the concept level.  Thoughts of those days that inspired the synopsis can be called at any time during the PHILOSOPHY level to validate the reality.  In cosmos connect the ideas that call the thoughts are morals, ethics, quality and obedience.  Working at the thought level is best exemplified by work of those days, these days are seen in real time as the thoughts are called.  For cosmos connect, my thoughts have been Work, Relationships and Cooking.

Work gets it inputs from Relationships as does cooking, then these outputs are ported back to Relationships and that begins the work at the philosophy level.  The relationship information is passed to the philosophy level and work happens on the Cosmic level.  This level is the REALITY.  Reality as we see within the realms of the Cosmos, everything that we see has been manufactured by the reality.  The reality is a fixed rigid body based on which everything revolves.  All coordinates are self explanatory with respect to this reality.  The age of the Earth, the evolution of dinosaurs and the apes to the humans is mapped with respect to this reality.

A philosophy could also be the frame of reference for the ideas of a philosophy, the point being even if the cosmos changes, the ideas of the philosophy remain the same.  With respect to the philosophy the ideas are influenced by the concept, while if the frame of reference changes to the cosmos, the influence is based only on Obedience, one of the ideas of the philosophy.  Obedience then decides the influence that the other three ideas have on the relevance of work, supposing cosmos was the frame of reference then obedience would rate the morals, ethics and quality of the cosmic theorist at work and choose to include them in the mind pool, which is a collaborative pool of minds of the dead and alive.

These are few pointers to the relevance of concept to the philosophy of Cosmos connect.


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