Monday, 30 October 2017

How did I retrieve a lost time lapse

There are some great ways to get back lost time lapses, one of the best ways is writing, it gives one the flexibility of giving the recipients the time frame within which they must come up with a solution that you already have.  If all goes well, and they are creative,  you get more mileage out of your writing.  Cooking is another way to share time lapses, and a very enjoyable one at that, the method in cooking is to recall a thought from a past time and then begins the series of thoughts that bring up a flood of memories.  A more materialistic way of bringing back time is to buy, shop for items recommended by the sellers, keep them in your shopping cart and buy them when you think it's appropriate.

By giving everybody a different new thought, you in effect keep them separate and away from each others thoughts, some thoughts can be over powering and therefore always give groups separate things to think about.  Different groups within your collaborating philosophies have different thoughts, they want different things from you, to know this is to be able to give them what they want. Never club conflicting philosophies in your business, it doesn't work and leaves everyone confused.

Always have the latest scoop on everybody so that you know which time lapse to hand over to them, this ways you will give them the best of you.  If you are an evolved person, you would know what these voices and thoughts are and pay heed to them while you write or cook or buy.   The best way to have the latest scoop on people is by talking to them and keeping them engaged.  This is easier said than done,  people these days don't pick up the phone or even not message you back, if you are eager to know, you will keep trying to enchant people.

Theory to practice is easy, while cooking brings up all good thoughts as we attempt to bring back a time lapse.  The important thing in cooking is to remember that we work in "If people were transformer" mode.  This ways the components of cooking can be people themselves.  Always remember to work in safe mode, not to go further than making people components.  Buying, cooking or writing, these are the best ways to retrieve lost time lapses.
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