Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Sanctity of marriage

While you pull at the strings of your emotions, trying to orchestrate a successful marriage, there is way lot more waiting for you at the helms of your marriage.  More than emotions and communications, it is the little things that make marriage a successful entity.  By doing the little things for each other and the marriage we ensure that the sanctity of the marriage is preserved. 

Sanctity of the marriage is the bond of fidelity, trust and friendship, all marriages are based on this.  With these in perspective let us examine each one of them closely.  Friendship is what makes marriages successful and is a stepping stone to a marriage of soul mates, it is understood that without friendship there is no bond of love which is the foundation of all marriages.  If love is the first premise then trust is the second premise.

Trust is about examining the myriad of things that go into forming belief in the marriage.  Belief in the sanctity of marriage is paramount and trust goes a long way in solidifying this process.  By believing in each other it is not uncommon to reach a stage where we trust each others judgement and share each others experiences.  Without the need to do the work over and over again, the same thing is not repeated and we take each others word for it.  This is the second stepping stone to a successful marriage.

Fidelity is faithful behaviour of each spouse with their focus on each other and unwavering devotion towards maintaining a marriage of soul mates.  It is rare to find soul mates who will renege on this devotion, if friendship and devotion are not part of a marriage the sanctity of the marriage may be compromised.

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