Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Cosmos and the Neanderthals

They come in spurts screaming out their rejection of the Cosmos theory, the Neanderthals are the Godly presence believing people, maybe I shouldn't be calling them that, but for lack of other adjectives I resort to neanderthals.  They scream at us, "Stop work, stop this thing from happening, we don't believe in it."  Others just come to give their Gods, like we want their Gods to keep ourselves alive.  I am a believer in God, but Agnostic I may dare say, HIS presence may never be felt.

The neanderthals have been trained into an environment that is God filled, the refuse to let in the thought that HE might not ever reveal his presence.  Worshipping him may not yield the results that we want, in fact it is the Cosmos that listens to our prayers and works towards enlightening us on how to make our dreams come true.  Work is the essence of the Cosmos and that may be the reason the neanderthals refuse to believe in the theory.

There are a number of people who want to get what they dream of without working towards it, the Cosmos refuses to recognises anything but Merit.  Meritorious conduct and work gets you to the place you want to be, even after death, it is merit that counts in the brain collaborative pool.  If you are not hearing the Cosmos it may be because it is working with people more meritorious than you.  The theory of not getting paid for work is not true with the Cosmos, everything is paid for and accounted for.

Superstitious belief in God leads to the Neanderthals doing a lot of things to appease God,  which leads to their isolation from the Cosmos.  It may be probable that this happens because they don't listen to the Cosmos, which works in subtle ways and a subdued voice.  In some cases our own actions are guided by the Cosmos and we reach to a fruitful reward at work or at home.  Work ethics are important, not the kind of work, anybody with work ethics even a home maker can work with the Cosmos and grow in life.  The money we earn is directly correlated to our work, work defines worth and money and not the other way around.

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