Friday, 20 October 2017

How did I discover Cosmos connect

Cooking as a way to enhance work is one of the far reaching thoughts of Cosmos connect.  Cooking in "If people were transformer" mode brings peace to the mind and is activity recommended for all Cosmos connect theorists.  The reasons for this aren't apparent immediately but as we progress to our career goals it becomes obvious that it is a way to building relationships.  If food could have components that are people then these people form the most intense mixture of flavour and taste, a good dish builds relationships and bonds that are so essential to the Cosmos.  Relationships thrive on consistency and reinforcing of friendship vows.  The basic purpose of Cosmos is friendship be it family, friends or lovers and friendship leads to love.

Work was good those days, I had no one in my thoughts, I would work thinking there was no one listening to my thoughts and developed precepts that have stood by me till now.  I worked so that I could be free from thoughts of people that had this habit of regularly over powering me.  I couldn't sift who was who in my mind and so worked to clear the junk from my head.  Till one day it occurred to me one day that I was working with God, after all, only he could be there to help me with my wood working.  Soon as I connected all my thoughts to God, people started to come into my thoughts again, and I realised that maybe the thoughts that had troubled me earlier that caused me to want to clear my head up, were related to God too.  So began a journey of finding out everything I could from the Hindu Gods to Muslim Allah and then to Christianity.  Every person who was crowding my mind was a God, "I can't believe I am saying this to myself," I had thought to myself those days and if they were Gods then where was the real God.

Wood working caused a skill upheaval in me and a meeting of minds occurred between me and a mentor, not knowing who he was and that he had been around for a long enough time too, I realised there is always somebody with you even if you don't know it.  This is the reason that we are never lonely, "If only I knew it then, I could have solved all conundrums plaguing my mind from long time ago."  I was sure there was no getting around the God theories and this was the final word on it.  After all who could argue with the Lord especially if your work was seeing spurts of improvement regularly.  Wood working at its best happened in those times and I began to see relationships in a new light.  It seemed to me that to settle into healthy relationships with people, thoughts of people would have to be answered by mine and I began to unravel this mystery of questions that people had popped in my head so miraculously.  Wood working helped as it is a work of creation and God, I thought was the Lord of creation.  My joy knew no bounds when my mentor, who I thought was God ordained, started to help me with my work by answering and asking questions for my sake.  That was the beginning of a golden period that saw me create for a trail of Gods, in fact three trails of Gods, with each God playing a part.  My mentor helped me with this evangelistic work and I grew in stature in my own eyes as I saw the Godly world open up its arms to me.

Everything seemed like a miracle from those days, the clouds would come in to answer questions on Christianity and my learning on this matter scaled upwards.  If you draw a rough reference between the three Godly trail you would find a God from each trail who carried the onus of a job.  I fulfilled the three jobs of the trails and realised some Gods were far ahead in the field of wood working, or so I thought, as they chose to teach the other trails what they had learned.  Christianity seemed to be peaking in wood working and was teaching Hindu Gods.  The thoughts of people continued to come, some to teach and others mostly to learn.  It was a miracle that my mind was clear of any other thought as I progressed with evangelist methodology and thought, "So this is how work relates to God," I was on the right path as the God's convergence continued right in front of me.  I saw marriages of the mind and got carried away with the concept thinking it had to be taken to reality.

But that's not how it was as I figured out later, there was another thought there, it was of the devil and though my mentor, I now call him my cosmic guide, tried to keep me away from these thoughts, they were too overpowering and gathered momentum.  I was soon using my work to create sick stories for other people at the behest of the devil and to get over it went into hiding for three months.  When I came back there was nothing for six months, no people came in my memory.

Then one day these thoughts came back along with the people, these were real people with names and  lives.  A relationship break down with one of my friends brought the Cosmic guide back, it was a relationship game and I was reading more than ever.  I was also well on the way to finishing my book, "One perfect love - Cosmos connect" and on the guides insistence I went to a paragraph from Richard Dawkins "God Delusion," it turned out I found that I was at number 6 on a scale of 1-7 of religiosity.  I was an Agnostic.

As I continued redefining my faith in God, I discovered the Cosmos and attributed the philosophy in my book to Cosmos and called it Cosmos connect.  The philosophy was already in the book it just didn't know what it was, till I read Richard Dawkins literature.  I have proven to the Cosmos connect group that the Cosmos exists and all that needs to be done is to build relationships for people with Cosmos connect to prove that Cosmos connect works.  It will be the final proof of the philosophy if the people involved with it, including the tempters start building their relationships using the tenets of the Cosmos connect philosophy.  The book is due out in December 2017 but I could delay it by two months to make sure that the philosophy has takers before the book is out.

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