Thursday, 12 October 2017

How the Cosmos treats loneliness

Loneliness is inherent in human life, modern life leaves no scope for building relationships, it's a mad rush for money and by the time you realise this you have grown old.  Unless you have worked under a boss who allows you the freedom to control your time you are going to be sorry about your work when you grow old.  Children grow up and go away and you are left to rue what could have been if you had spent quality time with them.  The correction mode philosophy of the Cosmos ensures that you are never lonely.  The idea germinates from the concept of friendship and love, friendship leads to love and the Cosmos works on friendship.

Loneliness in modern life stems from the work culture and the relationships bonds that have broken down.  Old friends are not around and making new friends is not the same.  The principles of the Cosmos are the same everywhere, they don't change and it does not renege on its words.  If you have been involved with the Cosmos in the mode philosophy, then you will see a definite improvement in your work ethics and personality development.

The Cosmos is forever trying to develop the best bonds for the one's who work in correction mode, it points out the best possible friendship that can be developed based on current situation of the person. So you if are lonely you will find many other humans who will be shown to you to make and develop as friends.  It is rather strange that the Godly theories apply this to making males see women so that the high priests could force a human to make a mistakes.  It is a distraction of sought, during which time the forces that commercialise God can take a peep behind on to what you have done the whole time before this event.  If you believe in the Cosmos you will never believe that humans can run the affairs of a God who will not make his presence felt.  Instead it would make sense to know that your work is defining your friendship and love bonds.

Children are blessings and sometimes a curse, but no matter who you are, to have children is considered by the society the de facto mode of operation.  While the Cosmos thinks that the first premise of existence is work to find purpose, the God based society thinks that it is the premise of existence to bear children.  Though as parents we all have cursed our children we all love them especially when they are young.  It hurts to see their disdain when they go away, but it never was the purpose of life to have children, it is a co-related activity.  Children alleviate loneliness for some time, till we realise that we have to find our own way, the Cosmos deals with loneliness by insisting that we are never really alone ever, even when we don't know, there is always someone with us.

From parents to peers, to bosses to mentors and finally Cosmic guides we have always had someone with us whose voice we have unknowingly or knowingly responded too.  This is the way of the Cosmos.

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