Monday, 16 October 2017

The Cosmos connect group

Responsibility for the Cosmos connect lies with the group that is part of the daily activities,  if anything goes wrong, the group will work out within itself the things that might have caused the anomaly.  Sometimes the books we read have errors in them and other times the book might not be relevant.  Clashes on ideology need to be resolved within the ambit of the Cosmos by discussions within relevant topics and find solutions within the group.

Today for instance there was a discrepancy that crept in with regards to a book we were reading, it was a complicated book, Lila's child, who should read it how and how should we progress, we have made adequate progress and think that the discussion boards should mimic what was achieved in that book.  Resolve the issue instantly before it cascades out and then hand over the solution to the members.  Resolve by accepting the word of the members who have done it before, don't redo things unless really required.

The Cosmos entity is a subtle voice and Cosmos connect the philosophy that utilises the cosmos for relationship building, be it friends, lovers or family, the group is a dedicated member group that comes together to talk and discuss it further.  Follow and become members of the Cosmos connect group if you believe in it.  I remember an instance where we were reading a paragraph from C.S Lewis's book and it all comes together every time we read it.  I find C.S. Lewis to be brilliant as is Robert M. Prisig.  Textbooks and school books sometimes leave a lot to be desired, if you are reading them with the group, it might be a good idea to refrain.

Post your problems with books on the group, if we discuss and talk about it together we can absolutely solve the problems of society.  As you might remember the payouts are much larger for projects based on the society.  If the idea of the Cosmos is clear then involve yourself in the group.  The discussion board group is built for answering cosmic questions regarding loneliness, money amongst others and I have found it to be a very effective tool.

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