Thursday, 19 October 2017

Is Cosmos connect a religion

Cosmos connect could have been a religion if it had a native faith in God, but it is not a religion, it is a philosophy that unravels the working of the cosmos.  Cosmos is the universe around us, it is one that has nurtured us for centuries and worked for our benefit of late since we became the dominant species on the planet.  Religions of the world have found a place in the annals of the world because of the faith that human beings have displayed in the supernatural and refusal to accept that they could be the master of their own destiny.  Religions work on superstitions that have no place in a scientific tempered mind, every action of ours that has an ulterior motive, other than what science would dictate, is a superstition.  Religions tend to be congregational while the Cosmos connect philosophy works with individuals too.  "I stand by my faith and may you be eternally damned for blasphemy," often heard in the corridors of religion, and my answer to them is, "I have faith in myself and belief that God will never be felt by the humans."

My faith intact, I went on a trip of discovery where religions were explored and their meanings to God understood and today I stand firm in Christianity, if there is a religion that has held true meaning to me it has been Christianity, it might have been because of my upbringing and yet it is a religion that can stand criticism and rebuke and still come out strong.  It's belief in co-existing with other religions is vindicated by the peace that reigned during Obama's tenure as the president of United States of America.  But my belief in God is tempered with scientific reasoning and the belief that though there is God, his presence will never be felt.  Cosmos connect is a philosophy that deals with relationships and finding true meaning in our lives, living fruitfully with our friends and family, finding loves and understanding why we make friends and lose them.

Ever since the fall of the dinosaurs and the rise of the human race we have been naturally selected by the Cosmos to be the inheritors of Earth and our galaxy.  As we have gone from strength to strength, Cosmos has even started to believe that someday we may inherit other galaxies as well.  The concept of an Alien civilisation that would have a religion above ours, where it will conquer us based on military strength stands humbled, if there is an alien religion it is lower than our civilisation and the apparent sightings of flying saucers into our space may be because the Alien religions who would want to stay hidden from us, made mistakes that caused the saucers to appear within our sights.  It is the Cosmos that is our guide through all this and calls upon the higher nature of human beings, morals and ethics, to build relationships with other civilisations as well, through the Cosmos connect philosophy.

Religions thrive on superstitions and in them, God is a group activity, which is to say they tend to have these nuances that have no basis in science, as well as don't take well to individuals seeking solitude in God.  Cosmos on the other hand works with Cosmos connect honing and perfecting the work of individuals and groups, as well as their personalities, working in Correction mode of the Cosmos connect is a life changing experience and though not religious it could be construed to be a humanity based concept.

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