Monday, 23 October 2017

What is the significance of God to Cosmos connect

I have based Cosmos connect on science and scientific temper, all along in the literature that I have written there is mention of how we need to get rid of superstitions and rituals that religions pop into our minds.  Cosmos connect has no semblance of God in it, though I am agnostic and therefore a little bit of God creeps up into the theory.  To understand how much of God is enough for Cosmos connect we must diverge into the Godly theory briefly.  Competing Gods are the gods that embedded within us from birth and due to our upbringing.  When people come together as friends inevitably do, these Gods must be satiated.

Gods were created by the humans to satisfy their urge for the unknown, a superior being that would control their destiny.  Though Gods are mere mortals now, the real ones are not known to make their presence felt and humans have taken over the role of Gods and not with very salubrious effect.  This was done to gain understanding of God, however, the Gods have chosen to ignore us.  The presence that we feel of God is merely human and the thoughts of God are also because of humans.  God exists but he will never reveal himself to us.

Godly theories are about unclothing humans mentally as soon as they arrive at the doorsteps of religion, once this is done and the subject is naked in his thoughts, then begins the process of brainwashing which is a process involving superstition and rituals having no meaning since it is for humans posing as God.  The thought that God is collaborative in nature is debunked, for the purpose of religion is to hide God and his ways and reveal what the human does.  As sins are revealed so begins the process of appeasement through money and gifts to God.  We are humans and all sin, appeasement becomes a part of life and sources of money of the church or temple become apparent.

Different Gods have different superstitions and rituals to further their goal of acceptance by humans as supreme being, the goal is to be the only one supreme beings.  An often heard phrase "God is one," or that there is only one God is hard to explain as these multitude of Gods start to seek our attention.  This is especially true for scenarios where multiple Gods are worshipped.  The more it comes together, the more it falls apart as after all humans representing Gods will be jealous and have more human nature than God.  We don't believe that God could have human nature and that is the basic premise that the theory of God rests on, that Gods don't need anything the same way as humans do.

Accepting God is the first that Cosmos connect does, but it stops where the superstitions and rituals start.  There is no appeasement of God to be worked out, this merely signifies an acceptance that a superior being is present but our destiny is determined by free will.  We are constrained only by the determinism of our own species.  If for instance we are determined to make sense of traffic patterns and drive within the rule of law, there is nothing that prevents us from doing so and it is only our own species that prevents us from achieving that goal by their recklessness on the road.  This is free will at  its best and should not be construed to mean that doing anything our mind demands of us is right.


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