Thursday, 26 October 2017

The need for God

God is the single most worshipped thing in the world.   Though, I would emphasise the word single, for I believe in Jesus and believe him to be the one Lord, there are many other Gods in this world.  The purpose of the supreme being is yet to be revealed, the sighters of him are rare, the last I saw anything remotely similar to Jesus, was never.  Jesus is the most loving God I have encountered, he is kind, humble, loving and stays true to his word.  Other Godly trails have led me to Gods that have asked for explanations and then followed it by condemnation, the last I must have encountered a God of this kind was 15 years ago.  This encounter strengthened my belief that Gods must indeed be needed in society to keep its inhabitants straight, and my curiosity deepened enough to seek another encounter but it never did happen.  I never saw God again.

People worshipping a deity, believing in the same thing, start to see things and hallucinate, and every other person who enters this cloister or worshipping group sees the same thing.  Dissent is normally not acceptable and dissenters are banished into hell, in the case of Jesus though, dissent is accepted and treated as normal.  Literature and music that dissect the thoughts in the Bible proliferate and this is seen as normal.  This is a unique phenomena not seen in any other religion, I being a Sikh by birth have seen dogmatic thinking and disdain for other thoughts. There is no concept of forgiveness as is in the case of Jesus where there is forgiveness, if there is repentance.

The hell that I encountered 15 years back was the making of my fate, once your sins and omissions are evaluated, there is no looking back on you, God stopped looking at me and I was condemned to hell.  The fires of hell stoked by the society, since God is only human, are very strong.  Where ever I went they seemed to know that I was a pariah and climbed on me with voices of people coming into my home with thoughts of giving their sins and taking whatever strength I had managed to muster for myself.  I died a million deaths those days.  I am hardly haunted of those times these days, for there is Jesus looking at me now.

God is after all human, and there is scope for bigotry and partisan attitudes thrive, therefore some sins get omitted, while others get singled out.  Though I must admit that Jesus works on Merit and if all this works on merit then the concept of God, the humanly one, is needed to keep people straight, no matter what caste, creed, moneyed or otherwise.
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