Sunday, 22 October 2017

I work for somebody : How do I make money with Cosmos connect

Cosmos connect is a philosophy that interacts with the Cosmos and comes up with ideas and thoughts to complete the work given within the cosmic influence.  The Cosmos is a collaborative pool of minds and has work concepts that are applicable in the modern world.  To make money with Cosmos connect while we work for an employer requires us to have the precepts of money making the cosmic way clear.  Also remember to invoke the Cosmos only when you want to work in the correction mode philosophy of Cosmos connect.  There are two modes of Cosmos connect - Correction mode and Non Correction mode.  In the correction mode, Cosmos is invoked and in the non correction mode we work with cosmos connect only.  We cannot be in Correction mode all the time as it requires effort from the Cosmos and Cosmos connect to bring these concepts to life in real time.

When I first wrote about the Cosmos connect I knew I would have to work hard with it to expound it into an idea that would sell.  The Cosmos has a collaborative pool of knowledge where it will bring up answers for the one working in Correction mode philosophy of the Cosmos connect.  Relationships is one of the biggest contributors to the Cosmos and Cosmos connect philosophy work very well with Relationships.  From making friends to finding loves, it all happens on Cosmos connect.

Working for any employer and in need of an answer for how to make money the cosmic way, I found that if people apply Cosmos connect to their daily work in Non Correction mode, it works towards attaining the trust of the employer, letting them know that you are a cosmic theorist helps, as the company you work for could be any other theorist and once you have identified which theory your company works for it would do you a world of good.  However work improvements and personality gains happen in the Correction mode of Cosmos connect philosophy that is linked to the Cosmos.  I have applied the cosmic theory to relationships and they work perfectly well, and before I knew what cosmic theory was, I had applied it to work as well, work as the work we know in the modern world and the results I have accounted for in my previous post called "How did I find Cosmos connect ".  Though there was no distinction between correction mode and non correction mode then, I believe that the Correction mode works only with works of creation and the non correction mode will work any hows.

From Designers to merchants working with spread sheets and word documents to woodworkers and homemakers, all can benefit from the Correction mode methodology which is the core methodology of cosmos connect.  Applying the mode methodology to the method to make money after you have gained the trust of the stake holders in the company will work for you.  Gaining the trust of stake holders which might by your boss and mentor if you are at junior level position will mean talking to them honestly about this philosophy and even taking their opinions on how it could work for the company as a whole.  Money comes from the bosses and it has no colour except green, it is how you apply the mode philosophy that will bring you success.

Most of the time people work in Non Correction mode of Cosmos connect, they are just working and not correcting a mistake or emulating a success.  This is the default mode of Cosmos connect and working in this mode will allow others to understand what you are doing, basically identification of archaic theories is the basis and you identify the archaic theorists and keep on working.  This way your work is consistent and the personality development aspect of Cosmos connect takes a back seat. You should however work on your relationships as this is recommended for all Cosmos theorists.  Relationships will be the most important aspect as you try the buy ins from the stake holders and later on elucidate the concepts that you learn while working.  More on the Correction mode methodology is available here now.


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