Sunday, 15 October 2017

Make money the Cosmic way

How you make money and how you spend it, is important to the Cosmos, unlike God who doesn't care whether you make some or not, the Cosmos is forever finding ways for you to make money ethically.  Out of all the ways to make money there seem to be some which are archaic and should be dropped from modern societies.  These older theories are not friendly to humans and in fact ensure that humans become animals with no empathy for others.  Life is about thinking about others first, and the Cosmos ensures that the interests of others are preserved while we make money.  There are four ways to get remuneration the Cosmos way and I will look at these in detail here.  Though these are theories I will try to take to practical as I haven't met anyone, apart from me who has gained something from the Cosmos.  Mostly these days the God theorists dominate.

The Cosmos that I know, works on the theory of  how Dollars equate to number of hours of relevant work.  This is to say we get paid weekly, monthly or yearly and there are special payouts for socially viable projects for the society.  The rates for the Cosmos vary from 4 dollars to 6 dollars an hour and this is for the work of creation or creating things.  Yearly payouts are based on Obedience to the cosmos, Monthly payouts for projects worked out on Cosmos connect -Correction mode philosophy, with the Cosmos and the weekly payoffs are on progress on monthly projects.  All projects are relationship based and people involved with Cosmic guides need to work in Correction mode.  The process could be slow though it depends on their skill level and obedience to the Cosmos.  The cosmos grades the work on Merit that has two components to it - Rate your own work and Ask for a rating from the Cosmic guide.  The guide is forgiving and always rates your work higher than it should be, though more weightage is for your own rating of your work on a scale of 1-10.

From Boss to assistant the payouts have different scale, bosses make 4 dollars an hour and the assistants make 2 dollars an hour.  The work of creation is the bosses responsibility while the assistant is there to assist the boss.  Relationships solving is the crux of the matter here.  Society based projects have larger payouts and they all depend on what the society thinks of your work and how they rate your work, this amounts to a bonus payout for Cosmic theorists as they could get up to 4 times of what they make normally.

Morals, ethics and quality are the meritorious keys to a Cosmic theorist.  This theorist is more concerned with keeping the others in mind while making money  and making sure they don't trample or hurt the sentiments of the other.  The matter comes to a end with identification of people who break the law, the Cosmic theorist is interested in the Cosmic laws rather than the law of the land.  There are some universal laws that are accepted across the nations. These include conservation of forest land and wild animals, prevention of domestic violence, culpable homicide and road sensitivity while driving.  These are few of the points to ponder over, while I make an entire list and post it here.

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