Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The rewards of the Cosmos

The Cosmos is a rewarding experience to connect with.  It is forgiving and a friend, has our best interest at its heart.  Consider a situation that you are listening to the Cosmos and working with it in correction mode philosophy of Cosmos connect, it reward you with work that excels and thoughts that have the capability to overwhelm you, develops a personality and hone the rough edges in it.  It is also very forgiving with friendships,  it allows us to develop bonds no matter where the trails criss crossed.  The thought that we have to gift our friends also, is topmost in the Cosmos, bonds and relationships are built on knowing that the other person is thinking of you.

Work improves as you hear your thoughts mirrored and evaluated by masters who are with the Cosmos collaborative pool, I for one have particularly found this phenomenon works for me while I am wood working.  It is a work of creation and lends itself well to the mode philosophy of Cosmos connect.  I remember an instance when I was working on a wood working piece in the wee hours of the night, it was a jig that I created that night and it was a tough piece to create.  The work involved working with the Cosmos and converging it with a software contractor.  It was a meeting of minds so to say, and both our works showed tremendous improvement as I finished the jig over night and for him it was no longer a case of copy and paste.  We had created original pieces.

Thoughts come in large number as we work, these are thoughts of people we know and people who we don't but these thoughts are dissected through work and answers reached, the focus is on getting our work as accurate as possible for this ensures accuracy of the answers we seek.  The difference between precision and accuracy were evident once I had started to work with the cosmos, while work could be accurate for it to be within the realms of precision it had to be calibrated for precision.  So if we utilised a 1/16 precision the answers would be lower in accuracy than the 1/32 precision.  With these concepts in mind I realise now that my answers have only 1/8 accuracy and there is a lot of scope for improvement.  Personality development happens when one works with the Cosmos, confidence grows and the ego fritters away, as you realise the advantages to things and keep yourself humble and benign.  It is the humbleness and confidence that holds the key to personality honing, these are the advantages of the Cosmos.

Gifts given to friends could be analysed by the Cosmos as rewards for their giving us able support through tough times.  If you have realised that you have reached a certain achievement because of a friend then all that you possess from those times, things bought and things desired, could be construed to be belonging to that friend.  Friendship bonds are hard to forge and even harder to maintain, because friends realise what role they have played in our lives and if not paid back we lose them.  Keeping friends is  harder also for the trails no longer criss cross mostly and then it is about building relationships and keeping them enchanted.
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