Saturday, 7 October 2017

Love, friendship and money

You either have it or don't, money is such a commodity that it plays on the desires of men and women.   Money is man made and all the materialistic things that come with it are man made too.  It is a way man has found to prolong his life on earth, everything that we do to make money brings us into a cycle that is man made, away from the cosmic reasoning of survival on earth.  For 4 billion years the earth has been around, and only in the last two century or so has money come into existence. Addiction to money making is known to kill relationships and bring love to a halt in its progress.  While the cosmos works with humans, money works on loneliness.

Working hard for money, people forget their loved ones, make sacrifices for it instead of making sacrifices for love.  It keeps a man very occupied, easily the best excuse to give up on all relationships.  If loneliness is what money brings then friendship is what cosmos brings.  It is a fair commentary on life that we have all got to make money to survive, and so man has made it that nothing is free except for the air we breath.  Time was when water we drink and food we ate was free too, a game in the forest could fetch meat for humans.  But to prolong his life on earth, man made everything come with a price.  Money had to be earned, hard labour of the physical kind or mind corporate games, it has to be earned.

For every single penny earned there is a price on my soul, God is about love, and doesn't question money, neither does he say how money can be earned.  The cosmos will always question us on money matters, how we earned it, whether we are saving or not, even telling us how to earn it.  Getting to know the cosmos is tough, because the Godly theories abound, and yet without a cosmic guide I would be lost in the world.

The true worth of a person is his work and not money.  Money accrues with work and not the other way around. While money needs to be made, work comes to us naturally.  Money is not evil, it is the use of it that makes it an evil.  Imagine a world with no money, my profession would be a Convergence artist, an artist who converges his work with his life.  I love to paint and my hobbies are wood working, I am an artist who loves his occupation.  I write because I have a hobby, without it I wouldn't be as good at it.  I believe, to make an occupation out of your hobby is the best career to be in.

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