Saturday, 14 October 2017

Age of reasoning

The purpose of science is to develop a mind with reasoning temper as also the discrimination between superstitions and the reality.  The religions of the world place a lot of superstitions into the minds and that is the reasons that scientific temper is required.  Superstitions are there to further the goals of money making in religions, and towards this purpose it makes sense to hide the real purpose of God.  By forcing superstitions on the young, they do great injustice to the world, great talents in the making are killed and development takes a backseat.  The purpose of the Cosmos is to teach them to reason, to understand problems without external inputs and find answers on their own to the problems.

The Cosmos is a self contained entity and will always work on reason, providing rational answers when needed based on its collaborative pool which is based on Merit.  Understanding that the Cosmos connect works on reason requires a sound scientific mind or a mind that accepts science.  A scientific mind is one that does not place a lot of importance to the irrational and accepts only that which can be validated by it.  Understanding reason is a tricky process, for instance take the two words "Vocabulary" and "Terminology", though the two could be used interchangeably they mean two different things.  Reason, is to believe something when the object or belief under consideration has come up with all possible answers to its existence and we just have to choose one.

Superstitions and unjustified beliefs form the basis of religions, we for instance are superstitious about some days, about some routes and other times superstitious about a person.  Science needs validation and superstitions fall flat on their faces when dealt with the swift sword of reason.  The Cosmos is far too intelligent to fall for superstition because it works on reason, it reasons with superstition and  comes up with relevant answers to dispel it.

The young can be taught and moulded based on scientific reasoning, the mode philosophy of Cosmos connect can pick up meaning for the young based on their work.  Creation work of all kind lends itself well to the Cosmos as it finds answers based on the work that has happened.  For a short span of time when your work happens you are at liberty to find your answers and find them within yourself, they appear to you as subtle hints and clues that lead to the answer on introspection.  This work has to be for the Cosmos and with the Cosmos in the correction mode philosophy and all stand alone jobs by individuals have no meaning, also the quality of work decides the degree of accuracy of the answers.  The Cosmos is kind and forgiving and will always rank your work one level up than its supposed to be, on a scale of 1-10.

I am a relationships guy and have regularly used the Cosmos connect for deeper understanding into relationships.  Always working with the other person in mind and for the other person is the key to relationships and using reasoning to get over any obstacles to solving a relationship, when you are stuck in a bad one.  Cosmos connect works well with relationships and I believe it could work with other things as well.

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