Tuesday, 24 October 2017

What is cascade in Cosmos connect

The cosmos connect is chain of networks, collaborative pool locations that come together to form synchronous voices and thoughts that mirror and answer each other.  The trick is knowing when the Cosmos is with you and the chain of events that surround it.  Nothing is by chance, everything happens in the Cosmos by logic and is enduring.  There is however a thing with Cosmos connect, it is the non corrective mode, it is when we do not identify people on the cosmic law but however do it on the basis of their archaic or relevant money making philosophies.  This way we know where these people come from and what backgrounds they have, though we have no need to dwell into these philosophies for we have our own.

When working in the non-correction mode, it is important to note that the collaborative pools form a success or a mistake cascade.  So if the project is successful or the day worked out, then the chain has worked it out.  A mistake has serious ramifications and the cascade needs to be stopped in its path, the Cosmos connect will then go into its correction mode and stop the mistake from cascading.  There are other methods of moving into the correction mode or mode philosophy and that is the method of identification.  Either ways the correction mode is the best way to eliminate time and energy wasted in the Cosmos due to cascading mistakes.  Cosmos is very forgiving and is remarkably versatile in handling all human problems especially the ones relating to relationships.

A relationship breakdown will cascade down the chain unless correction mode methodology comes into play to understand why the relation cracked up.  It is important to keep the cosmic theorist and the cosmic guide involved updated on this.  I have had one relationship breakdown ever since I became a cosmic theorist practitioner and that despite all attempts to stop it cascaded.  The issue went on for over one month with the question and answers coming from both sides and even drifted into murky waters with mudslinging happening.  I have a feeling that if there had been a guide during those times, and there was none, he came after the event, it would have helped resolved the matter of cascading mistakes.

Regardless of what people might say about the slowness of work and the painstaking attention to detail, it becomes obvious that this is the way forward in terms of relationships and I daresay I will prove that it works for other genre of life as well.  The voices of Cosmos connect are strong enough to help out with careers and jobs and one job will cascade into many getting jobs.  It is after all about relationships and they prove the worth of any humanity based concept.
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