Thursday, 2 November 2017

What is reality for Cosmos connect

Cosmos connect works with the Cosmos and the reality of the ideas of the philosophy are dependent on relativity.  If the ideas are looked from the perspective of Cosmos connect they are to evaluate the failure or otherwise to keep up with the cosmic laws.  No efforts are spared to identify people who are responsible for these failures and that is the reality within the Cosmos.  All thoughts relate to this and the cascades that follow work on building this knowledge.  On the other side, if the ideas of Morals, Ethics and Quality are relative to the Cosmos the reality is shaped by Obedience.  This ensures that the morals, ethics and quality of the cosmic theorists at work are evaluated.

Today for instance, it was obvious that the idea of Obedience was going to be looked at, the morning was different and as I drove to work, a part of me was repelled by what I was doing, "Was it tiredness ?" I asked myself, it just wasn't working out, and got no answers.  It wasn't tiredness obviously, we were looking at someone who had passed this route before, "It occurred to him," spoke out my cosmic guide now.  It was new experience and I couldn't relate to it till I reached the workshop and work began.  It was the same as before and I revelled in it.

"What were we trying to do ?" my mind still questioned and got the answer, we were looking at  morals, ethics and quality of some other group with a divergent work philosophy and a different way of making money.  This group always followed good work and placed emphasis on spoiling good work that went across before them.   I realised this and other cosmic theorists landed at the place and started to speak what had to spoken.  Before you know, it had turned quiet again.  "Do you know what cosmic law they are breaking," I wondered and realised it was Trust.

These thoughts set aside, I would be at peace if it weren't for that fact that they are close relatives who were affected by these thoughts.  Vindictiveness is nothing new to me and I have handled it with ease, every time it comes to me, I just let it pass, only this time I haven't and as it gets obvious they will not let go of these thoughts.  Sitting sipping a cup of tea and listening to "Jealous guy," by John Lennon.

As far as obedience goes and it's effect on the ideas and reality, I suddenly realised that mine had been evaluated too.  In fact we had two agenda's for the day, and it was this second agenda that interested me far more than our finding out who had breached trust.  The Obedience model passes it's inputs to the collaborative mind pool that deals with the minds that will answer the questions being posed to the cosmos.  My rating in this was 6.0/10.  "I am impressed now," I spoke out to no one in particular but knowing that I was being heard, "So this was my rating for morals, ethics and quality."  I have been lazing around the day since mid afternoon doing mundane things and I think I am being called upon to answer certain things by someone in the Cosmos who wants to know how the book "Cosmos connect," will sell.


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