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Synopsis of "One perfect love - Cosmos connect"

Daniel Morgan is adrift till the Cosmos answers him back.

The book “One perfect love – Cosmos connect” is a traverse on the life of Daniel Morgan as his thoughts ponder on his marriage.  As philosophy runs through the book, the conversations take form and it is expounded through the lives of the characters.  Jon Joshi the aggressive go getter who plays the role of Daniel’s God father, and later George Millay, the smiling assassin who takes over the role of mentoring Daniel in his own way, are the bulk of the interactions.  From suave George to overpowering Jon, the book works its way through Daniel’s mind as he tries to get over his God Father who advices him against a second marriage, but Daniel is stubborn as he works on a philosophy called Cosmos Connect for building relationships.

Daniel’s belief in God is very strong but as the book progresses he sides with George and is also pulled into the scientific reasoning that belief in God without science validating it, is worthless.  There are dialogues between him and his best friend Mona Silvia, a God loving woman, as she tries to convince him that God is real and present in our worlds.

Kimberly, Daniel’s wife knows separation is an option as she wants her perfect world to remain intact, Daniel is the one who wants to change something in this world, she sees her world changing and objects immediately.  “You are alone,” she spoke out, “only as long as you want to be.”  And he wondered, did it mean as soon as we stopped wanting to be alone the world would intrude.  “Actually the world comes to me even when I don’t want it to,” Daniel spoke out beseechingly.  If Daniel truly wanted to be alone, he wouldn’t want anyone in it and he doesn’t understand her.  Daniel is left with an option of friends and love on one side and Kimberly on the other.

The philosophy of “Cosmos Connect,” is new and takes the reader through a journey of understanding as to why people make friends and lose them.  It talks of love and how love is a much misunderstood thing, and though love should be accepted as the love between family members, friends and lovers, it’s understanding is confined to lovers and with sexual connotations.  The interactions between Daniel and Jon and George are riveting as Daniel’s path is punctuated by bouts of dreamy philosophy and thought changing philosophy of Cosmos Connect.

Falling in love and making friends are a couple of thoughts being explored as the relationship of love is explored with respect to what the cosmos asks of us.  The Cosmos always chooses the best for us.  It is a delicate balance that the cosmos seeks and most people in modern societies are ill equipped to handle complexity of relationships and make a hash of it.  From making friends and keeping them to Bella’s love for him, we explore Daniel’s mind in all its revelations and sweet memories.

As he grows older Daniel’s hobby turns into a vocation and he becomes a full time wood worker, with a large dedicated workshop.  He is a king of his destiny, his relation with Jon diminishes as George takes over the role of mentor and Mona his best friend remains with him till the end and he lives a fulfilling life.  His two sons Stephen and Andrew grow up to be an army officer and business consultant respectively.  He has lived a full life and is at peace with himself and contemplates when is the best time to leave for his heavenly abode.  He finds a time and loses himself to the Cosmos.
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