Sunday, 24 September 2017

What's love got to do with it

Money on your mind and any thoughts of love are liable to be left behind.  Love is a great equaliser though and with love in your heart you can over come what a lot of people with money would find it hard to do.

10 ways to explain whats love got to do with it :

1.  Love brings happiness thats ever lasting.
2.  When you down and out, we go to the ones we love.
3.  Love is the bond that nurtures relationships.
4.  Money on your mind and love in your heart.
5.  Without love the mind is lonely.
6.  Love is a much maligned word, it applies to friends, family and lovers.
7.  It is the heart beat of life.
8.  Lovers feel the spring leaves turn green with love.
9.  It is the romance with life.
10.Eternity is achieved with love.

Love on the mind and every hue of life becomes clearer, the shades of money and their implications come to me and it enhances what money can buy.  Every person falls in love or feels the need to fall in love, it is the way of life, love is a word applicable to all our relationships and without it, they may sink.

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