Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The ultimate cheat sheet on marriage

Marriages are made in heaven or so I hear very often, it must be that some of them are made in heaven for sure, but what makes marriages work is not the heavenly angelic magic, it is the things that I elucidate below :

15 tips on the ultimate cheat sheet on marriage :

1.  Marriage is about the little things, get them together.
2.  Love is about sacrifices, are you willing to make them.
3.  Is she your best friend, don't treat her like a husband or wife.
4.  Love her parents like she loves yours.
5.  Talk to her, communicate, it eases the burden.
6.  Happy couples resolve their fights amicably.
7.  They work at making their marriage exciting.
8.  She would love you more if she knew how much you love her
9.  All of marriage is a love affair.
10.Your love for your wife can over power any irritants that might be.
11.Give each other gifts to let the other know you hold them in high esteem.
12.Reinforce, if faith in each other has been eroded.
13.Think sweet cuddly love every time you talk to each other.
14.Whenever you have a fight, go back to the blissful past for a resolution.
15.Think positive and you will always leave the negativity behind.

This I will vouch for will take your marriage to the heavenly level.  Also read on this blog - How to save myself from my marriage.  Lets believe !


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