Friday, 1 September 2017

6 reasons to never give up

As I sit on my chair with my feet on the footstool, I contemplate the reasons for failure in projects. We all have failures in life, it doesn't mean we stop working towards a goal.  It is human to want to be better and as I sipped tea, I looked over my life and saw failure looming large on me.  The shadow is too huge to avoid, and I am like a dog sparring with the shadow without realising that it's my own shadow.

6 reasons to never give up :

1.  Look at life the way it should be and not the way it is.
2.  Every failure will bring with it new frontiers to bridge.
3.  Failures are emotionally cathartic.
4.  Without analysing too much, would you be a better person without failures.
5.  Not getting to where you want is not reason enough to give up
6.  Never give up.

Writing is a cathartic process on its own, without it, there would be no tomorrow for me.  I would believe, that you write even when you have nothing to write.


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