Friday, 8 September 2017

10 signs you should be dating (again)

Are you in the middle of a relationship breakdown and are looking to make a fresh start somewhere else.  Girlfriends are easy to find if you could just start dating again, if you wondering where to start, thats precisely where you would need to begin, by dating again.  "I couldn't do this," often heard, "again," most say, "Not this soon," well if you are wondering, there is no such thing as "this soon," its about building your confidence and trust in your ability to have fun.

10 signs that you should be dating :

1.  Are you talking more to your mother than any other women.
2.  Do your memories overwhelm you, it might be time to start building new ones.
3.  Don't worry about being on the rebound, not everything is romantically linked.
4.  Sometimes we just prefer to hang out with women.
5.  Are you swamped by work and hating it.
6.  Do you miss the company of a woman.
7.  Do you get jealous seeing your male friends with their female companions.
8.  Are your male friends beginning to hook you up with someone or other.
9.  Do you feel like going out but don't, because you are alone.
10.Dating can make you feel enervated, don't miss out on it.

Getting back into the dating scene requires you to be prepared for it, the above points should point you in the right direction.


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