Sunday, 17 September 2017

The ultimate cheat sheet on dating

Who wouldn't want the inside info on dating, and that is what I want to write for you today.  Dating is a social activity that most people love to indulge in, so what do you write in a cheat sheet for dating - the inside tips and the secret best methodologies.

11 points on the ultimate cheat sheet on dating :

1.  A perfect date is like a symphony, plan for it.
2.  Did you get the menu right.
3.  Did you prepare to pay the concierge a small tip.
4.  Have a few lines always ready in your head.
5.  Let there not be a dull moment.
6.  Let her talk, fill in the silence.
7.  Always play the rating game mentally, rate every action of yours on a scale of 10.
8.  Try to build in seriousness in the conversation, talk about feelings - yours.
9.  Build in humour on cue, sometimes we have it and other times we prepare for humorous lines.
10.Do you keep a diary of events, if you don't start maintaining one for dating.
11.Remember to aim for perfection.

Don't overdo any of the items on your list, dating is an enjoyable activity, learn to enjoy while you engage in it.


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