Monday, 11 September 2017

How to have a serious conversation with your date

Having a serious conversation about your feelings with your date will require a studious diligence to how to approach the topic of feelings.  It isn't easy knowing that sometimes when we date casually, the question of serious talk never even occurs to us.  Mostly we are busy with the idea of sex, not knowing that behind us there is a whole legion of conversation that might require to be spoken before trust can be established in the relationship.

7 ways to have a serious conversation on your feelings with your date :

1.  Begin by a small introduction to the real you.
2.  Talk to communicate, know that every one might not want to seriously talk feelings.
3.  Lead the conversation around serious topics like boyfriend-girlfriend relations, mom-dad relations, friends and how to keep them, drug and alcohol abuse etc.
4.  Intersperse the topic with humour, you can tell a joke can't you !
5.  Be open and honest about yourself.
6.  Love the person sitting opposite to you, accept them for who they are.
7.  Don't give opinions but build acceptance.

Once the conversation begins you will begin to enjoy it, even know that there is no end to it, it is a supreme intellectual bliss to know that you and your date are talking about things that older folks may hardly get an opportunity to talk about.


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