Monday, 18 September 2017

Why we love romance (and you should too)

Romances are the essence of life, it sets the soul free and the body invigorated.  It is what makes the heart sing to a tune so merry that even the dead rise to life.  The spring leaves turn to autumn red and the feeling of great romances bring to us that life is forever changing and we have to be in tune with this life.

7 things we love about romances :

1.  Romances bring a pleasant shade to life.
2.  They take us away from the real.
3.  Romances are a prelude to great loves.
4.  Great things happen with romances.
5.  You can feel life spring through you with a romance.
6.  Romances can bring the dead to life.
7.  Make a cripple, walk and a dumb, talk.

Romances bring hope and a freshness that will leave many experiencing it for the first time stunned to it's beauty.  Also read on this blog 20 myths about great romances.


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