Monday, 11 September 2017

How to solve the biggest problem with your marriage

If your marriage has run into rough weather, its most likely that the little little things have led to a larger problem.  Marriage is run on the little things and if you haven't done the little things well, that most likely is the cause of the problem, which looks unsurmountable, that you face right now.  Solving the biggest problem will take time and indeed may even require a marriage counsellor to help you, but the first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem

14 steps to solving the biggest problem with your marriage :

1.  Acknowledge that there is a problem.
2.  Sit together with each others list of worries.
3.  Try and solve the others list independently.
4.  Involve a marriage counselor if possible.
5.  From the each others list identify the biggest problem in your marriage.
6.  There is a solution for everything.
7.  Find the solution to this problem as well.
8.  Though each of the little niggles will find a solution.
9.  It is the biggest problem you are trying to solve.
10.Once identified, attack it.
11.It may turn out you both may have identified more than one big problem.
12.Don't try to merge them into one big problem.
13.Brainstorm to get to a solution.
14.Remember its your marriage, compromise and cajole yourself to a solution.

Finding a solution will require brainstorming and working together, certain problems will present a solution to them over a period of time.  Working together, and probably with a marriage counsellor, will improve both your dispositions, remember that it is important to know that both of you need a solution.


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