Thursday, 21 September 2017

What do women like on a date

Women are very finicky and the dating experience changes from woman to woman.  It is rare that what one woman wants will be replicated by another.  If that is the case, can we have generic points on what women like on a date.

7 points on what women like on dates :

1.  Their man to smell good.
2.  For him to be sexy and in demand.
3.  Not to be overawed by possessiveness.
4.  Some like their men slim and others fit, still others like them plump.
5.  Dressed to kill.
6.  Great conversation, silence in killing.
7.  Great intimacy.

Dating is a fine game with its delicate points that make one take notice.  Every one wants to be in the game and now you can, knowing these points.


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