Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to keep your relationships from sinking

In the modern society relationships keep breaking up and cracking up as people forget to oil them.  Also work schedules leave very little for our personal relationships as we tend to ignore them.  With the modern man running after success, relationships get left far behind, even as it gets harder to forge new bonds, crisscrossing of trails give us an opportunity to make new relationships but who has the time.

10 ways to keep your relationships from sinking :

1.  Keep the conversation going.
2.  Keep the love fire burning.
3.  Do for others what they do for you, love them for who they are.
4.  Be sensitive to the needs of others, some require more love than the others.
5.  Be there for people when they need you, in financial and medical emergencies.
6.  Keep them in the know of your intent, where are you coming from.
7.  Be sure you oil the flame regularly, talk to people regularly.
8.  Keep your loved ones in the loop, so that they know the real you.
9.  Live more off the social media than on it, its a real world out there.
10.Call up regularly, nothing beats talking.

Crisscross of trails affords the largest opportunity in the modern world, as peoples trails crisscross for them to forge new friendships.


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