Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How to mend your relationships

Relationships are built on give and take, and as a person who is mending them, it is important for you to give in the first place.  Give your relations the space and time that they require from you, every relationship has a time space zone within which it operates, if you give them the love and care they need, they will come back to you every time you want them to.

7 ways to mend your relationships :

1.  Start calling your relationships regularly.
2.  Comment and like on social media on their posts.
3.  Visit them regularly in the physical world.
4.  Be there for the relations when they need you.
5.  Wish birthdays and anniversaries.
6.  Help the relations in their everyday life
7.  Always be the one they remember.

Always look to mend your relationships, nothing works like friends and family being there for you when you want them.  The same thought works vice versa too.


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