Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to start dating (again)

So you have finally made the move, you have decided you should get into dating, "Wasn't that easy," you would think, "Once you have made a decision," it is a question of finding the right girl.  "How do I find the right girl," you ask and land up on this blog.  Dating is a social activity everybody indulges in or would like to indulge in, even in countries it is frowned upon, and if it is a social activity, here's how we go about it.

7 ways to start dating again :

1.  Start by changing your wardrobe.
2.  Get into social groups that encourage dating, both online and offline.
3.  Find the person of your dreams.
4.  Don't come on too strong, start by casual dating.
5.  Think love not sex.
6.  Even if you don't find the person of your dream, don't let it discourage you.
7.  Read on this blog "How to find the person you could love."

Wonder if you will thank me if you find the right girl to date,  this is a simple 7 step guide to starting to date again.  Follow it and you won't fail.


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