Friday, 8 September 2017

6 romance mistakes that are costing you big

So here you are, in the romance of your life and you forget to read this article, is there something you doing that is killing it.  Romance is the "love of life," and when two people share it, towards similar things in life, it brings a freshness like the morning dew on leaves, and like the glistening of sunshine on the dew it will further accentuate your love life.

6 common romance mistakes that could cost you big :

1.  Are you talking behind her back.
2.  Are you forgetting to dream and love together.
3.  Are you not giving love time and rushing into sex.
4.  You are not seeing the signs that your partner is emanating.
5.  Romance requires that you hold each other in high esteem.
6.  Romance doesn't require nudges and hints, instead it is very open in its outlook.

With these common mistakes covered, it could be only a matter of time before you hit it high in love and romance.


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