Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The worst things you have heard about marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, so say many a people, and it would seem there are contradictory opinions to this.  "Thoughts come flying," she says and he thinks it's the same, they have been married for 5 years and say, "The honeymoon period just got over."  That's when the harsh realities hit them and they start to think of the worst things about marriage.

7 worst things you have heard about marriage :

1.  It is a commercial partnership.
2.  It kills a persons intellect.
3.  You don't know what it feels to be married to an obnoxious person.
4.  It can't be only about kids.
5.  It isn't the free sex, is it.
6.  What can it solve for the world.
7.  Except maybe add to the population of the world.

These are the worst things I have heard about marriage tonight and I wonder as I have wondered often enough, when and why does the romance go out of married life.  Is it when the smaller things we have to do for each other take their effect on our lives, or is it when we stop loving each other, when ever it happens, we lose the love in our lives and start to look outwards towards the world for an answer not realising that marriages have to be worked out.  As a first premise it has to be figured out what is the purpose of marriage, and the rest follows.


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