Monday, 4 September 2017

How to storyboard your book

Storyboarding is nothing but casting the windows of the story so that you have a Act/Scene which says what should come next in the chapter.  It is an overview of how we should place things or events in our novel, where we want to go with the book and keeps us guided and focussed on what we want to achieve with the story.

12 ways to the classic methodology of storyboarding :

1.  Brainstorm a list of topics for your book.
2.  Find the 5 most important points of your book.
3.  Start with a 3 Act structure - good beginning, middle and end.
4.  Add triggering events, the most important launch of the book
5.  Add the first turning points, the first low point or the point where things bottom out.
6.  The first triggering event and first turning point are the ACT 1.
7.  New ideas are gathered and we reach the Pop moment.
8.  Here the story implodes
9.  We could add a second turning point after the Pop moment, a point of absolute low in the book
10.New light comes to the characters here and they start to move up to Act III
11.Resolution happens in point 5 and there is positive momentum.
12.All the islands of information in the book should make sense to someone other than oneself.

The best storyboarding will have three acts and positive and negative lines that we place events in based on triggering events or turning points.


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