Monday, 4 September 2017

Teachers guide to asking a girl out

Asking a girl out should be easy right, after all, there are only two ways that question can be answered, Yes or No.  But unless you really try to find out whether she would want to go out with you, unless you really ask, there is no way you will have the answer.  A girl looks at various perspectives before deciding on going out with a guy, but the one reason she is looking at most is the comfort level she has with you.

7 ways to asking a girl out :

1.  If you are romantically inclined, then ask her subtly, like pouring a glass of red wine.
2.  Sometimes a straight forward question does the job especially if she is comfortable with you.
3.  Ask her out, after you found out that she is free that day.
4.  Make it sound like a date, not just friends going out.
5.  Make sure she doesn't friend zone you, sound your intentions before hand.
6.  Dress up nicely, and confidently ask her out.
7.  Unless you ask you will never know, so be prepared for rejection.

Girls make up their minds about guys fast, you would be surprised how quick the answer would be if you are confident and courageous.


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