Thursday, 7 September 2017

Think you are cut out for marriage

I thought so too, and I hadn't written the article then, marriage is a committed relationship and requires love and caring from both sides.  So here I was riding my white horse, thinking I was ready for marriage, "till the horse said it was a mule," and the prince charming in me turned into an ordinary person, trying to make a good thing out of marriage.  Marriages are run on money and earning money was one of the prerogatives, the rules were different from the one's I had envisaged and yet I trudged along.

10 things to consider before getting married :

1.  What can't you give up after marriage, you probably will have to give it up.
2.  Are you willing to make sacrifices, love is about sacrifices.
3.  Part of your social life would have to be given up now that you are committed.
4.  Social dating is very different from committed marriage.
5.  It is based on idealistic love.
6.  You would have to think of supporting children based on your partners preferences.
7.  What is yours now may not be so later after you get married.
8.  Its the little things that make a difference in marriage.
9.  Like dumping garbage, picking up groceries, picking your baby from school.
10.These little things have to be completed before you dream the romance of your life.

It's great if the number match up after the above things to considered and you certainly are made for marriage.


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