Thursday, 7 September 2017

5 advantages of living my life

Relationships cause strife in humans, where normally they would be pleasant, amiable human beings, being in a relationship immediately changes the perspective of the person.  From trite pleasantness to rude indifference I have seen everything with so called friends, they have changed colours and changed again, when they needed me back.  "Isn't for nothing," its said, "If you love someone set them free," and of course if they come back, they might want to stay or go off again.  "My hearts a guest house," some would say, and correctly so, there are many exits from here but only one entrance, this way I always know who enters.

The doorman to my heart is a tearful soul, the only question he would ask someone entering back is, "Why are you back ?" and if you are smart enough you would answer, "Because I want to be back in his life," and the doorman would go off in tearful fits asking you to etch my name on his forearm and leave you wondering if perhaps he also was a lost soul who left me to come back and join me permanently

I have my own advantages amongst which included are :

1.  Give you studied privacy.
2.  Limited opinion giving.
3.  Contrived interest if you are not interested.
4.  Space to conduct your business.
5.  Space to grow into a human being.

I couldn't resist the urge to giving the pointers, so used to I have become writing everything in points, as I strive to become an authority on human relationships.  From father, mother to son and daughters and wife, husband, I have seen them all and seen them grow to perfection within my small life.


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