Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Picture Of You In My Heart

The Picture of You In My Heart

It was the school debate and they were discussing socialism versus capitalism and when  Sailovi Chenkual opened her eyes, she had been sleeping on the benches while one speaker came and another went.  Sailovi was in Aizawl her hometome and it was far away from the commercial hubs of the country.
“We just a small town about 200,000 people living singing and making a living,”she thought as she heard her name being called.  School was ending and Sailovi would get married soon, as her parents wanted.  She took a long breath and walked to the podium, took her place behind the wooden table and started to talk :

“It is this argument that will lead me to victory, what cannot it do, what cannot a house divided not do.  We can’t continue fighting for ever, there has to be morality and justice in our system, the government must promote our products and our culture.  We have been fighting each other for years and there are two ways from here, 1. A;ways work, money no matter 2. Have an agenda every morning with single minded focus, money.
.  Wasn’t he who is the most biggest proponent of capitalism, a fan of Socialism ?”

Sailovi was applauded, and then in the summer, the schools closed and it was time for most students to head for graduation.  Her parents didn’t think much of education and never sent her to college, Two thoughts that are totally contrary couldn’t exist, and yet in Sailovi’s mind they found themselves at peace, she stared over this bridge into the dark water and thought of “farming subsidies”.  We needed the subsidies, money was in short supply, there was no college to go to, and so she was thinking of that last debate she had won,
            “Socialism or Capitalism, what would the people of this town prefer.”

The Road Map To Freedom

The sun shown bright and it was sunny, the weather got cold here during the winters but when the sun shown it was very bright and sunny, it was calm, there was a revolutionary army around these parts that had bared its teeth sometime back, it was true, there were thoughts of revolution here with China bordering the state, they would fester age old wounds and try and subvert thoughts.  Debating helped because it cleared up her mind, her idol was Abrahim Lincoln, his life truly inspired her and she suddenly realised just as the sun and cloud, the night and day live in unity, so too must socialism and capitalism.

In 2007, Sailovi got married, her husband, Vibheiko was a driver and he knew he was a fine driver and they were in love, and when he had met her she had been a bully and overbearing and yet after 5 years it had all changed, he admired her focus.  In 2012, they ran through another of many crisis, except this time there was shortage of money, Sailovi was in love with her Vibheiko and they teased and conjured up dreams for the next year.

He came and sat next to her and touched her arm gently, it still gave her goose pimples, especially that special touch, she froze even today and then quietly moved in, he continued to caress her arm and speak to her, she always gave into him, it was a fantastic feel of hair around her spine standing up and all her senses ablaze.

“We need the money,”she spoke trying to regain her composure, “to get the kids to school and for you to buy a car of your own.”He was still for a moment and then said, “We should, ahhhh ..should.. I mean should find a way to earn more money.”
“How about starting a business that I will handle here while you continue to work, and we all make some money, its about time you got a little of your own money for yourself and I hate myself for not working.  I had this womanly hunch that we will make it big in two years time.   Let’s to the local office that’s opened up in the town hall, I think its called Milaap, they should be able to arrange some money for us.”

“Everywhere You See is the Falcon’s Nest.”